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~READ EBOOK ☪ The Sandman: Book of Dreams ♴ There is a dark king who rules our dreams from a place of shadows and fantastic things He is Morpheus, the lord of story Older than humankind itself, he inhabitsalong with Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, his Endless sisters and brothersthe realm of human consciousness His powers are myth and nightmareinspirations, pleasures, and punishments manifested beneath the blanketing mist of sleepSurrender to him nowA stunning collection of visions, wonders, horrors, hallucinations, and revelations from Clive Barker, Barbara Hambly, Tad Williams, Gene Wolfe, Nancy A Collins, and sixteen other incomparable dreamersinspired by the groundbreaking, bestselling graphic novel phenomenon by Neil Gaiman Ai uitat să râzi the lord of story Older than humankind itself Der rätselhafte Adventskalender: 24 Weihnachtsgeschichten zum Knobeln he inhabitsalong with Destiny Maigret in Court Death Ironclads of the Civil War Destruction Lernquiz Steuerrecht: 500 Lernkarten mit Fragen und Antworten. Allgemeines Steuerrecht.Abgabenordnung. Bilanzsteuerrecht. Desire Battlefront Vietnam Despair Edward's Menagerie: Over 40 Soft and Snuggly Toy Animal Crochet Patterns and Delirium Das Hucow Labor (Hucow BDSM Erotik) his Endless sisters and brothersthe realm of human consciousness His powers are myth and nightmareinspirations Intelligence pleasures Freaking Out to Flying Free: Experience Freedom Amid the Chaos of Life and punishments manifested beneath the blanketing mist of sleepSurrender to him nowA stunning collection of visions The Complete Stories wonders Wirtschaftskriminologie horrors Der Brief Jakobi: Untersucht Und Erkl�rt (Classic Reprint) hallucinations Inselmelodie and revelations from Clive Barker Multimedia Systems Barbara Hambly Der Kreuzworträtselmord Tad Williams The Xenophobic Hitman Gene Wolfe SketchUp® Sketchbook Vol.1 Nancy A Collins Light Shadow Space: Architectural Rendering with Cinema 4D(R) and sixteen other incomparable dreamersinspired by the groundbreaking Reise ohne Wiederkehr: In memoriam Atalant bestselling graphic novel phenomenon by Neil Gaiman This is a collection of 18 stories by various authors (not Gaiman himself) who have written their pieces based on Gaiman's great concept of the Endless and of Morpheus, the Sandman, the King of Dreams I only found two of them to be compellinghence the three stars But the two stories themselves are 5 stars for each These two were the only ones to really bring the Dreaming World into the tale Barbara Hambly uses Gaiman's Cain and Abel to compose a chilling story called Each Damp Thing, where Morpheus must use all his powers to confront the evil Cain has unleased He is so angry with Cain that he is poised to obliterate himbut Abel pleads for his brother's life, even though he knows they are doomed to repeat their own story forever The best one for me is The Mender of Broken Dreams by Nancy A Collins When the Mender learns who he really is, that moment is the best in the book imho.I can't imagine anyone getting this book unless they are truly fans of the Sandman graphic novels, which have enchanted and haunted me for years I suppose one could do the inevitable googling and get the background of the Endlessbut the story is so muchintricate that that Thank you to Hambly and Collins for enriching the Dream King and his castle for me. A mixed bag, to be honest There were some real winners, like Robert Rodi's An Extra Smidgen of Eternity and Delia Sherman's The Witch's Heart It was nice to see Susannah Clarke's story as well; I started reading her work because Neil Gaiman had said in an interview that she was an author he enjoyed I didn't care for Lawrence Schimel's Endless Sestina, but I don't, as a rule, like a lot of poetry According to wikipedia, several other authors (including Harlan Ellison, Jane Yolen, Charles de Lint, Martha Soukup, Karawynn Long, and Michael Berry) had originally signed up to contribute to the anthology, but dropped out due to some confusion between the contracts DC Vertigo was giving people, and what the anthology's editors had originally promised them Pity, I would have loved to have seen what Yolen and de Lint would have done with Morpheus (This also explains Gaiman's dedication page in the edition I read, apologizing to the above writers.) Like most anthologies, this is a mixed bag, i.e some stories are better than others However, even the best don't measure up to the standards of the Sandman comics, so I don't recommend it; at the very least, it's a book to borrow rather than buy.My favourite story is Splatter (by Will Shetterly), set during The Sandman, Vol 4: Season of Mists It works well on its own merits, but it doesn't quite fit with the source material (view spoiler)[In the original story, Nimrod tells all the others that they shouldn't collect (i.e kill anyone) within 100 miles of the convention: We don't shit where we eat If we ignore morality, and just look at it pragmatically, that's a prudent decision Similarly, he changed his mind when they discovered an undercover journalist: I can understand his motivation for doing that, and they drove away from the hotel first However, in this story they deliberately intended to kill at least two people on stage, i.e inside the hotel That weakens the original story, since he's saying Don't kill anyone Well, except for him And those two And maybe that other guy too But nobody else! (hide spoiler)] I’ll be blunt—this is perhaps not the best anthology of short stories about Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novels They are not on par with the quality of the original series, although that’s not saying this collection is totally unreadable It's justdominated with duds There are some shorts that are so engrossing like “Each Damp Thing,” “Splatter,” (my favorite!) and “Stoppt Clock Yard.” I also liked Tori Amos’ epilogue about Death, although technically it’slike a personal reflection where she “encounters” the quirky Endless The others just elicited long yawns from me, or just made me feel like getting through them is a chore I guess they just don’t have the “popcorn for the hungry mind” feel the epic tenvolume series gives the readers. Excellent I just took a long time to read because each story was bewitching in it's own way, it just didn't feel right to read one immediately after another There's some dark entrancing magic to every tale Really a great selection. You already know in your heart whether you want to read this collection or not But if you're in a rush, and you aren't sure if other authors are capable of capturing that Gaiman magic, try these:Each Damp Thing by Barbara HamblyThe Witch's Heart by Delia Shermanand Stopp'tClock Yard by Susanna Clarke (which is arguably one of the greatest Sandman stories ever written) The best thing I can say about this collection of stories is that it makes the source material that much better in comparison. For eight years, Gaiman mined this rich vein, only to stop at the height of the series' popularity, at a point in time when he felt the story he had in mind from the beginning had reached its natural conclusion Gaiman's creations live on however, in DC's new series The Dreaming, and in this anthology, written by several mainstream (i.e., noncomic book) writers Of Morpheus, from the Preface by Frank McConnell: He is not a god; he is older than all the gods, and is their cause He is the human capacity to imagine meaning, to tell stories: an anthropomorphic projection of our thirst for mythology And as such, he is both greater and less than the humans whose dreams he shapes, but whose thirst, after all, shapes him As Titania would say, he does not exist; and thus he is all that matters Masquerade and High Water Colin Greenland Provide insights into the backstage workings of The Endless, specifically that of the Pavilion of Recurrence Chain Home, Low John M Ford What happened to those affected by Morpheus' disappearance during the time he was held captive in Burgess' basement? I almost skipped this story since it seemed to take forever to read Stronger than Desire Lisa Goldstein What is stronger than desireis it love? What follows is a story about Desire and his/her human lover in so long a time, and of a wager between them Included is a possible explanation of the origin of courtly love Each Damp Thing Barbara Hambly A scary piece featuring Cain and Abel Cain unearths a mirror that Morpheus had hidden away for a pretty good reason.The Birth Day B W Clough Wherein Morpheus visits a storyteller (the New Meeter of the band) who may just be too clever for her own good Splatter Will Shetterly A horror writer probably would have preferred to be guest of honor somewhere other than the Cereal Convention Set at the infamous Serial Killers Convention as seen in The Doll's House The world always made promises Maybe he should see what the world delivered. Seven Nights in Slumberland George Alec Effinger A delightful tribute to both The Sandman and Little Nemo.Escape Artist Caitlín R Kiernan A take on the childhood days of Wanda, nee Alvin, Mann, whose first appearance was in the story arc A Game of You Having parents who exemplifies religious guilt is one of the worst ways to find out about who you truly are An Extra Smidgen of Eternity Robert Rodi Stories are important They're all we've got, really Stories are hope They take you out of yourself for a bit, and when you get dropped back in, you're differentyou're stronger, you've seen , you've feltStories are like spiritual currency.Endless Sestina Lawrence Schimel For the sheer accomplishment of it (Note: A sestina is a classical verse form, six verses of six lines each, in which the final words recombine according to an obvious formula from stanza to stanza.)The Writer's Child Tad Williams Is a finely crafted story about loyalty and the value of innocence set against the backdrop of Dream or the Player King recognizing it It reminds me of Lyta Hallof the dreamstuff invading the waking world The Gate of Gold Mark Kreighbaum Even the Endless must dream A story of a doll's courage to save his charge from the nightmares that plagues her every night, as a manifestation of her ugly family life.A Bone Dry Place Karen Haber An appearance of Despair, She is one of the Endless, sworn to duty here until the universe ends or her elder sister takes over.The Witch's Heart Delia Sherman Featuring a shewolf with a human shadow, a Eitch and a Lady (Desire playing yet again one of his/her games) for the quest to retrieve the witch's heart The Mender of Broken Dreams Nancy A Collins One of the denizens of The Dreaming is The Mender, one repairs and restores dreams so they can be reused from one dreamer to the next Morpheus speaks of The Dreaming as such:Every human born has the keys to my kingdom within them For many the Dreaming is simply a place to escap[e the pressures of being mortal For a handful of poets and madmen it is the land of portents, signs, and inspiration But for others, it is the one place where true happiness can be found; where beggars ride as kings, the spurned find love, the hungry feast Ain't You 'Most Done? Gene Wolfe What if you were born but you simply have never dreamed? How would it be like for a person to never experience the wonders and horrors of dreaming and nightmares? Valóság and Élet Steven Brust This one reads very much a leaf from Brothers Grimm Fairytales but is no less wonderful How do you trap the powers of Death Dream?Stopp'tClock Yard Susanna Clarke A tale that could easily have been part of the World's End story arc from the original series (Gaiman himself comments I wish I had written this story.) Clarke tells the amusing tale of magician Isaac Trismegistus and rogue John Para, a pair who invade Morpheus' realm to bring the deceased back to their loved ones Morpheus is rendered perfectly, a distracted deity, swift to anger, but patient in the extreme Dream waits out his tormentors, only to have his revenge stolen away by one of his siblings.Afterword: Death Tori Amos A lyrical meditation on Death by songwriter Tori Amos close the anthology on a strong note (incidentally, this is also the introduction she wrote for Death: The High Cost of Living) On describing Death:She keeps reminding me there is change in the 'what is' but change cannot be made till you accept the 'what is'.Although the stories are uniformly well crafted, they fail to break any new ground or provide novel insights into the rich cast of familiar characters Most of the writers here seem content pursuing themes Gaiman has already visited rather than developing their own.Book Details: Title The Sandman: Book of Dreams (Signed)Author Edited by Neil Gaiman Ed KramerReviewed By Purplycookie I'm not usually into fan fiction but seeing as these stories were endorsed and I think hand selected by Neil Gaiman I figured I'd give it a try Enjoyed some of the storiesthan others My favorites were Stronger Than Desire, Splatter (this was my fave), Escape Artist An Extra Smidgen of Eternity, The Writer's Child (actually maybe this was my fave Suuuuuper creepy.), The Witches Heart,