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|Read Book ¿ We'll Always Have Summer ⚨ It's been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since, even attending the same college—only, their relationship hasn't exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love Does she really have a future with Jeremiah? Has she ever gotten over Conrad? It's time for Belly to decide, once and for all, who has her heart forever Land Degradation And Society even attending the same college—only From Cameroon to Paris: Mousgoum Architecture In and Out of Africa their relationship hasn't exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make Nocturnum: Long Shades Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love Does she really have a future with Jeremiah? Has she ever gotten over Conrad? It's time for Belly to decide Gallery Bundu: A Story about an African Past once and for all Links to the Diasporic Homeland who has her heart forever This had SO much angst and one of the most intense love triangles i've ever read about, yet the ending was such a copout I'm very disappointed; I wish the first book had remained a standalone and I could've spared myself the next 600 pages of drama and angst, because I knew from the beginning who she was gonna end up with. All I can think to say is that I loved it I criedtimes than I'd like to admit reading this book Susannah always knew who Belly would marry If only Susannah had known how she would get there! This book started out STRONG And I mean chest clenching, life altering strong I've never smiled and cried so much in my life. I have immensely enjoyed the first two books in Jenny Han's Summer Series They are a bit fluffy and full of ANGST and DRAMA and produce the occasional 'eyerolling moment from me ~ but they are also charming and nostalgic and summery and somehow authentic to the teen voice I found them utterly compelling and deliciously addictive curlupinthesun summer goodness Good times I was absolutely hanging out for the third and final instalment Especially thrilled with the characters having aged and it beingin the upper YA spectrum that I so loved (with collegeaged protags)Rave reviews of this book did not prepare me for the train wreck experience of reading it As a reader I do not appreciate being manipulated by an author into feeling one way or another about certain characters I prefer characters to be written with authenticity and subtlety and being drawn into a story and being allowed to make up my own mind about how I feel I can handle characters behaving badly (I LOVE you Tom Mackee!), however, this story was completely biased One character was continually showed as flawed, the other either had his flaws romanticised into strengths or, in most cases, shown to be continually superior with no flaws.It was a recurring theme even in minor circumstances, eg: character A is messy, can't cook and liked drinking Oh! but character B is so tidy, a healthy cook and displays mature drinking habits It actually felt patronising to me as a reader I did not feel annoyed at the characters I felt annoyed at the author who wrote with such an obvious bias Who took a charismatic character and turned him into a bland douche with no stage presence at all so that her readers would all sway to her POV and guarantee a satisfying ending I felt Han compromised her characters for the sake of a contrived plot.The plot itself didn't have a lot of heart Belly herself did not even seem excited about her choices so I am wondering why she made them and why she stuck to them when they were creating such havoc on her relationship with her mum and adding stresses to her life It did not make sense For a novel that deals with a character becoming engaged and approaching their own wedding, it was decidedly unromantic with no tingles of weddingbell anticipation Han has proved in earlier work that she can create nostalgia and magic and you think a wedding themed book would be a sparkling setting for her to showcase her talents Instead it felt weary and dogmatic and contrived: it seemed the main event of the novel was there as a way to add (forced) conflict rather than as a characterdriven choice.There was a lack of swoon for a book that is billed as a romance Belly wasn't swooning and neither was I Which is a shame as Han has previously showed she is a master at creating just the amount of lovelysighingtinglyswoon As for the final ending of the trilogy: it ended how I wanted it to end (I had been hoping for that outcome since book #1) However, by the time it did end I found I had somehow become so disengaged that it was all rather anticlimatic for me I do not know how such a promising series stretched out to become such a mess I am wondering if the author cares for her characters or just used them as pawns to create a (lacklustre and predictable) drama.I am also feeling out on a limb here amongst so many rave reviews It's been exhausting I need someone to commiserate with I need a massage and nice strong drink.(I can't say I really like this one ~ but 2 stars for oldtimes sake) EDIT: theI think about this book theit annoys me I'm going with my rarely given 1 star rating 'I didn't like it' Warning: This review will contain spoilers, and loads of swearing, so please proceed at your own risk Also, this will be a really lengthy review, so please, bear with me.Disclaimer: I do not intend to offend anyone with this review, including the author.Actual rating: 1.5 stars (that 0.5 is for the ending.)WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ? If there was a rating system that rated books based on how much a book fucked you up This one would deserve a million stars No book has ever fucked me up so badly I guess 290 pages of builtup frustration can do that to you Part of me was mourning that this series ended Part of me was so angry at how this book left me feeling cheated.I thought I'd never say this, but I've never ever felt so frustrated and mad and hated a book so much I thought The 5th Wave was already bad enough, but this book, THIS FUCKING BOOK, tops it all After finishing this book, I was so FUCKING FRUSTRATED that I FUCKING CRIED I hereby tell you, this has never ever happened to me before I've never cried because I hated a book so much So here I am, typing this review out at 1 a.m because I'm feeling so messed up and filled with rage, I really needed a place to get it all out I have issues with EVERYTHING in this book I really want to kill something or stab someone right now, preferably Belly or Jeremiah.Let's start with the plot, shall we?In the beginning of the book, she actually felt really different from the Belly we've known from the first two books, and in a good way And I thought Hey, Belly finally grew up and became a lotmature, I think I might actually like her now I mean, she's already in college and is finishing her freshman year, so she just has to be different from the clueless little girl right? WRONG Not long after I finished that thought, something awful happened She finds out that Jeremiah, her boyfriend right now, cheated on her At first, she was all depressed that she ignored his calls and stuff like a normal person would do, and when she told him that she wanted to talk to him, I was like Yay, just break up with him already, he's an ass! And then, the unthinkable happened Jeremiah apologized and he FUCKING PROPOSED Now, now, I don't know about you, but you do NOT propose to someone just for the sake of making up to her Especially after she just found out you cheated on her As if that wasn't bad enough, you know what she fucking did? SHE FUCKING ACCEPTED I, personally, would never ever accept someone's proposal after he FUCKING CHEATED Although he did apologized and promised not to do it again, so what? A promise and an apology is not fucking enough Did she lose her fucking mind? Is she fucking nuts? And here I thought she was just naive Because, apparently, SHE IS MOTHER FUCKING BRAINLESS Also, what's with the rash decision? If you really do love him after everything he's done to you, fine, marry him But can't you at least think it through? Or maybe wait a little longer and see if everything worked out, then make a decision?Marriage is supposed to be a really big deal, it's a onceinalifetime kind of thing I've never ever heard someone who accepted a proposal right after she found out he cheated Belly and Jeremiah are both fucking twisted, I tell you This is fucking ridiculous.If that wasn't worse enough, this is the thing that pissed me off the most Okay, so, I can forgive you for all that, maybe you're just too wrecked to be rational But this, I cannot So, after they made that stupid decision, they announced their engagement to their family and friends Everyone was startled And everyone disagreed on it because you just DON'T get married in college And I thought Good, maybe they can finally see some sense But no, that did not fucking happen Practically EVERYONE tried to talk them out of it, but they just wouldn't listen, they even got all pissed at their family because they're not being supportive and all Reality check: You do NOT get married at the age of 19 and expect that your family will support you, if they do, they're as twisted as you are Throughout the book, I was constantly hoping Belly would just wake up and snap out of it She never fucking did I really thought she was better than this Jeremiah, too.Despite all that, the book was focused on the marriage Nothing fucking happened I wasted my precious time on reading about Belly planning out the wedding, shopping for a dress, buying vasesetc., all of which I have no interest in Maybe I am biased, but all I wanted was for Con and Belly to just get together You know when Conrad finally showed up? About halfway And you know what the story before he showed up was about? Boring college life and stupid marriage planning UGH Okay, but at least Conrad showed up right? NO After Conrad showed up, the story was still fucking boring, and it was still about the fucking marriage And then came the chapter when Con finally confessed his love You know what Belly did? She fucking ran away and told Jeremiah about this Then, Jeremiah just had to act all pissed off and demand if she was hiding anything, if she still had feelings for Conetc., Belly admitted and Jeremiah said something like I've known all along and just fucking ran away the night before the wedding Let's stop right there I have issues with this So, if Jeremiah knew about that all along, WHY DID HE FUCKING ASK HER TO MARRY HIM? If he doesn't care, then why run away? It doesn't fucking make sense This getting married thing was HIS OWN FUCKING IDEA So why continue this twisted relationship if you were so pissed off about that? God, I don't fucking understand the logic behind all this Okay, so let's continue On the wedding day, Jeremiah was still gone, so Con went to look for him and stuff He did come back in the end And Belly and Jeremiah FINALLY started doubting this entire ridiculous idea Then, there was a conversation that went a little like this.I thought I could do this, but I can't Jere said.What? Marry me? Okay, maybe you're right It's all too crazy right now We won't get married today We'll just move in to that apartment first Belly said.I can't, not until you look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love Con.Jere, I love you.What I'm asking is, do you love him, too?Yes But he's not the one I choose I choose you, Jere.That's not enough I don't just want a part of you I want all of you You haven't let him go The worse part is, I knew you haven't but I still asked you to marry me.Yeah, so basically, Belly never really realized her mistake It was Jeremiah who called it off And then went the vague mention that they didn't get married that day Then BOOM, Conrad and Belly's wedding day We didn't even get to see the actual wedding, only after they got married and went to Cousins beach And then, suddenly, the book is over Just like that Now, can you imagine how freaking pissed I was? I was looking forward to the ConradBelly scene, and after 290 pages of crap, I finally got it ON THE LAST FUCKING PAGE, then the book just fucking ended I really can't believe how I kept waiting for the book to redeem itself, and when it finally did, it fucking ended! I felt so MOTHER FUCKING CHEATED I had to repeatedly go over the last page to calm myself I have to admit, that last tiny page was romantic, but it doesn't mean it can make up for 290 pages of frustration Now, can you see how fucking twisted this whole book is? God, I want to fucking punch someone.Here's another issue Constantly, I felt like I skipped a HUGE chunk of the book or something I couldn't connect it to the first two books Like how come Conrad bought Belly that necklace if that night on her porch hadn't even happened? And, last time I checked, Belly was still crazily in love with Con, so why claim that she's over him? Also, a lot of things were left unexplained I kept wanting to know why Conrad would just break up with her like that at prom if he supposedly loved her so much, why he and his dad got back on good terms, and why he was with Aubrey at the funeral But those were never explained Now, the characters Belly: Like I said, SHE DOESN'T HAVE A BRAIN! I bet her IQ is like, zero She's just so immature, I really can't stand her She must be the most stupid and shallow main character I've ever met She made me feel all frustrated, I've never ever wanted to strangle someone so badly I wish she could just die I'd rather not waste my time on her Jeremiah: He is the only character I hatedthan Belly He is fucking brainless and immature and shallow, just like Belly, but worse While Belly still *maybe* has some redeemable qualities, all this guy does is stupid shit He cheated on her just because they had a fight He mother fucking proposed to her after When Belly was doing the marriage planning, he was doing nothing Every time Belly asks him to help her, he always arrives late He's a fucking jealous shit He always makes these stupid ideas that bothered Belly ( I don't get why Belly still *loves* him so much after all that.) He only cares about his fraternity All he can do is use his fucking smile and innocent face to ask people to do stuff for him GOD DAMN IT! I HATED HIM! I also don't get the drastic change of characteristic He was a pretty nice guy in the second book, so what the fuck happened to him? Conrad: As you can tell, I loved him in the second book He's dark, thoughtful, reliable He's just pure amazing But in this book? He was justokay I have no idea why I justdidn't like him as much, it's really sad, because he's such an amazing character.I go wherever you go Taylor: I'm happy to say, Taylor IMPROVED! Woohoo! She's still shallow but she became supportive of Belly, instead of that shitty friend we met in the first two books She's the only character I liked , so YEAH! I'm glad!There are a lotcharacters in this book, but since no one's special, I don't want to bother (Just FYI, her mom's still amazing, but I liked herin the second book.)Next up, my emotions:1st stage: AngerTo be honest, I've never wanted to smack a book so bad Unfortunately, I read it on my phone, or I would've jumped on it and smacked it repeatedly on my wall.2nd stage: DepressionI really wasn't expecting this The anger only lasted like 10 minutes, then I just started crying There was this heavy weight in my chest that I just couldn't shake off This has never happened to me before I never thought you could cry of frustration This lasted like 12 hours 3rd stage: LostI had this pouty expression on my face the whole day And I felt so lost I just couldn't believe everything ended like that I started mourning how the series ended so abruptly, I felt sosad And I kept on reading the last page over and over while listening to sad music and crying.So, now you can see how messed up this is? I'm fine right now, though! *winks*Anyway, I expected so much after finishing It's Not Summer Without you I really thought this one would be the best book in the series I'm still trying really hard not to tear up again while typing this all out This was such a HUGE disappointment I feel so CHEATED and all messed up It seriously feels like my boyfriend just broke up with me or something I think it might take me some time to really calm down and get over this book.Lastly I just want to say:Thanks for messing up my feelings, book.Thic is quite ironic, but I miss this series (This book, not so much, only the last page.)