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( Read Kindle ) ë Magic Strikes ë When magic strikes and Atlanta goes to pieces, it s a job for Kate Daniels Drafted to work for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels hasparanormal problems these days than she knows what to do with And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the tide, that s saying a lot.But when Kate s werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead, she must confront her greatest challenge yet As her investigation leads her to the Midnight Games an invitation only, no holds barred, ultimate preternatural fighting tournament she and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, uncover a dark plot that may forever alter the face of Atlanta s shapeshifting community سه قطعه نمایشی it s a job for Kate Daniels Drafted to work for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid A Concise History Of The Stanley Hotel mercenary Kate Daniels hasparanormal problems these days than she knows what to do with And in Atlanta The Best Planned City in the World: Olmsted, Vaux, and the Buffalo Park System where magic comes and goes like the tide The Big Ideas Box that s saying a lot.But when Kate s werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead Rerum Italicarum Scriptores; Raccolta Degli Storici Italiani Dal Cinquecento Al Millecinquecento Ordinata Da L. A. Muratori, Vol. 17: Parte I (Gesta Magnifica Domus Carrariensis-Vol. II) (Classic Reprint) she must confront her greatest challenge yet As her investigation leads her to the Midnight Games an invitation only Purple Ducks no holds barred Erotic Shorts ultimate preternatural fighting tournament she and Curran Renegade Earth: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure (Renegade Star Book 6) the Lord of the Beasts Serpent Symbolism In The Old Testament: A Linguistic, Archaeological, And Literary Study uncover a dark plot that may forever alter the face of Atlanta s shapeshifting community She should have seen this coming Kate has a number of things which occupy her mind and her life 1 The wellbeing of her new friends Jim betrays the pack, Derek almost gets himself killed, Raphael is crazy about Andrea and Saiman has new scary enemies They talk like human, smell like human, behave like human but what are they really I am just happy that Kate has true friends finally.2 The dangers that her real family brings We learn who her biological father is and what the consequences of these revelations might be Okay, this will definitely make things complex in the next books.3 The dangerous, illegal Midnight Games Full action, wonderful body conduct scenes in a primitive like arena The description of many, strangely magnificent, out of nightmare creatures that are battling together to prove who is the strongest For sure, the games in which Kate s team participate were my favorites especially the ones that they finish them off in less than a minute.4 Curran persistent than ever to have her Apparently, he has already decided that she is his mate He just wants to have her firstly and answer her questions later Certainly everybody else has realized his intentions except for Kate who does not understand the ways Alpha shifters play and the rules of courtship.I really enjoy seeing them dancing around each other.5 Who has eaten her apple pie or has Kate eaten it and she does not remember it I cannot believe she was so careless and not paying attention to the details in this book Of course she should have seen it coming At least the girl knows where she stands I can t let him kiss me again, because if he does, I ll sleep with him The Top 8 Reasons why you should drop everything you re doing and grab the Kate Daniels series ASAP focusing on Magic Strikes 1 The huge variety of mythology celtic, greek, and now norse and hindu Honestly, every supernatural creature you ve ever heard will make an appearance, preferably soaked in blood and other substances I dare not name, and will deliver you extraordinary threats, unique bloodbath and eventually it will be killed in the most badass way.2 The Midnight Games An underground gladiatorial tournament with a magic jewel as a price We re talking about a massacre of epic proportions that would make George Martin weep with pride And the participants Minotaurs, golems, mages and of course our Valiant Knights of the Fur Prepare for major ass kicking.3 Kate Daniels I gave him a smile I was aiming for sweet, but he turned a shade paler and scooted a bit farther from me Note to self work on sweet and less on psycho killer 4 The action I will admit that while reading the first chapters I thought Magic Strikes would be a 4 stars read, they seemed pretty lame compared to the incredible plotline of the second book But oh boy I was so wrong Once the plot thickened with rogue shapeshifters and the kill or be killed tournament, I.couldn t.stop.reading This series keeps getting better and I have a feeling that sky is the limit 5 The side characters Whether they re sexual deviants or uptight cats or pretty werewolves or devastatingly handsome sex addicts, they re a great addition to the story, with their wit and loyalty and friendship.6 Curran, the Beast Lord of Atlanta, the Leader of the Pack, and Asshole Supreme you expect me to fall on my back with my legs spread Not necessarily You can fall on your hands and knees if you prefer Or against the wall Or on the kitchen counter I suppose I might let you be on top, if you make it worth my while You get the picture.7 The romance Kiss me and I ll kill you, I warned It might be worth it, he said softly The will or won t they status keeps going, and it can be frustrating as hell, but it s the right course Besides the sizzling tension and their fights, in Magic Strikes we saw how much Curran and Kate care for each other, that despite their differences there is something strong brewing between them, something than raw attraction They re falling in love He caressed my cheek You came for me, I whispered Always, he told me 8 The.hot.tub.scene.You re welcome.Love,Katerina The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is tinmen on steroids and overgrown logs are no match for Kate Daniels, sausage expert extraordinaire Ha And now let s dance and stuff P.S Nonchalance is the best camouflage for drooling Just so you know Until next time and stuff December 2017 The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 3, or How Kate Daniels Learned not all Cats Hate Water Hot Tubs And the moral of this particular rererereread is TWT IHFB is the best bloody shrimping acronym in the history of bloody shrimping acronyms Trust me on that one, I practically invented the concept Of bloody shrimping acronyms, I mean Not of TWT IHFBs I wish I had, though Because it s, you know, the best acronym in the history of bloody shrimping acronyms and stuff And the other moral of this particular rererereread is And who doesn t love aggravating cats sneaky kitties the universe exploding Curran trouble June 2016 KD is the Cure to All of Life s Problems Buddy Read KDitCtAoLPBR with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap KSRT Original rating 5 stars Rating after xxxxxx rereads boom The universe exploded This book is so BLOODY AWESOME, it s bloody unratable See Even my dog decided to do a crazy dance to celebrate the total, utter and complete awesomeness that is this book And the moral of this particular rererereread is Midnight Games hot tubs the Scarlet Star a flying palace it doesn t get much better than this Bye now Original review Post Shift Productions proudly present Just Another Day in the Life of Kate Daniels 8.00 a.m roll out of bed after getting 2 hours of sleep Realize you re hungry Open the fridge to get some of that leftover apple pie The plate is empty Strange 8.30 a.m rescue your teenage werewolf sidekick from Saiman Watch Saiman change form and throw up in your mouth a little 9.00 a.m find out His Furriness became Beast Lord at the tender age of 15 after chopping Andorf s head off This is going to be a long day 9.30 a.m your best friend tells you she doesn t want to be Raphael s TWT IHFB Oh boy 10.00 a.m have a conversation with His Fussiness about kissing his ass 10.30 a.m hand Saiman a needle so he can pop his head with it It s obscuring your view of the room 11.00 a.m listen to Jim telling you about a weredingo Consider yourself lucky he didn t steal your baby 11.30 a.m try to smile Aim for sweet End up looking like a psycho killer 12.00 a.m listen to a lecture about the different shapeshifter courtship customs Aunt B A cat on the ceiling A fan Mist That s boudas for you 12.30 a.m go sightseeing with Jim Visit a jungle and a flying palace Play with the locals Chop a few arms off Things are looking up 1.00 p.m tell His Furriness he s a deadly psychopath with a god complex Then tell him you re having rough sex with Jim Bad idea 1.30 p.m temporary insanity Oh My God The Universe just exploded 2.00 p.m explain to your furry friends why you want Cesare s head Then proceed to explain how you plan to resurrect it and make it relive its death over and over again Did you just say all that out loud Yep You did 2.30 p.m the Beast Lord asks you why you always attract creeps Ha He walked right into that one, yes, he did 3.00 p.m Andrea says M A T E You curse Then consider strangling her a little 3.30 p.m fight in the arena Jim tells you to be sloppy You try 4.00 p.m have a conversation about sausages with your furry friends Die, die, die, die 4.30 p.m Raphael hands you a fan in case you get hot Curran doesn t think you need it This cat s such a bore 5.00 p.m remember the good old days with daddy Voron back when you were thirteen Sightseeing in South America Visiting arenas Slaughtering things a bit 5.30 p.m another fight in the arena Blade sprouting silver golem Troll aka the overgrown log Ancient vampire Enjoy seeing them die This is so much fun 6.00 p.m take a relaxing bath in a hot tub Try to pretend the Beast Lord isn t in there with you Oh My God The Universe just exploded again 6.30 p.m yet another fight in the arena Oh, look, it s the Scarlet Star Hessaad Mine Ud Die Sorry daddy, I think I just broke your sword 7.00 p.m Oh look, it s the flying palace again Feeling suddenly very tired It s been a long day 7.30 p.m Lose a little blood Cut a head off Feel much better 8.00 p.m find out cats are suicidal morons Who would have thought 8.30 p.m try telling the people in your head to shut up It doesn t work Oh look, a cat 9.00 p.m go home Find someone in your kitchen Wait What 9.30 p.m read a note reminding you of an upcoming dinner You re allowed to wear a bra and panties Oh boy Book 1 Magic Bites Book 2 Magic Burns Book 4 Magic Bleeds Book 5 Magic Slays Book 6 Magic Rises Book 7 Magic Breaks Book 8 Magic Shifts Book 9 Magic Binds Book 10 Magic Triumphs All the stars I enjoyed the first two books in this Kate Daniels series, but Magic Strikes reached new levels of fun and games of the gladiator death match variety and just sheer awesomeness.Kate Daniels and her werewolf, werehyena, and other shapeshifter friends get mixed up with some shady goings on in connection with the Midnight Games, an underground organization that puts on illegal, to the death cage fights of the magical variety Kate s young werewolf friend Derek decides to get involved in rescuing a lovely young woman from a particularly vicious group Saiman has a stake in the Midnight Games, but events get personal for him as well.Meanwhile, Julie, Kate s teenage friend mentee adoptive daughter, is having trouble adjusting in school, so Kate decides some impressing of Julie s schoolmates in order, which results in one of the most delightful scenes in the book I reread that scene probably four times Curran, with his Beast Lord magnificence, is slowly closing in on Kate I hypothetically might have read a certain hot tub scene three or four times as well I also LOVE a legal throwdown Kate does when Jim, the Pack s chief of security, tries to stonewall her James Damael Shrapshire, in your capacity as the Pack s chief security officer, you have permitted Pack members under your command to deliberately injure an employee of the Order At least three individuals involved in the assault word the shapeshifter warrior form Under the Georgia code, a shapeshifter in a warrior form is equivalent to being armed with a deadly weapon Therefore, your actions fall under O.C.G.A Section 16 5 21 c , aggravated assault on a peace officer engaged in the performance of her duties, which is punishable by mandatory imprisonment of no less than five and no than twenty years A formal complaint will be filed with the Order within twenty four hours I advise you to seek the assistance of counsel Jim stared at me The hardness drained from his eyes, and in their depths I saw astonishment.Legal prowess FTW Characters make mistakes, but they re not idiotic mistakes where you want to slap them upside the head and or hurl the book against the wall Magic Strikes weaves in another culture s mythology again, Hindu in this case who knew about Rakshasas and vimanas before reading this book Not I And we start getting some real answers to some of the mysteries about Kate s background and parents that I ve wondered about since early in book 1 Total win I was originally thinking 4 stars for this book, but then I realized a couple of things First, I keep going back to the book to reread my favorite scenes Also, I decided it s not fair to compare this book to Pride and Prejudice or other classic or literary masterpieces This is urban fantasy It s meant to be smart and smartass , enjoyable, fantastical, and sexy Magic Strikes is all of these things, and I really can t think of a better book in this particular genre If we re comparing apples to apples, this is like the best UF apple ever Art credit