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FREE ⚣ それでも好きです笠原さん [Soredemo Suki Desu Kasahara-san] ä えっち より、ちゅー より、首を噛んで。キスも告白もすっ飛ばして、全裸のお付き合いそつなくなんでもこなしてしまう器用なサラリーマン・秋山あきやま。彼は人から頼られる嬉しさを感じる反面、周囲からの過剰とも思える期待に嫌気がさしていた。笠原かさはらはそんな秋山の心のオアシス。酒を片手に優しく頷いてくれる笠原に秋山はどうしようもなく惹かれてしまう。しかし好きだと自覚した瞬間、素っ裸で縄に縛られ、しかも息子に吸い付いている笠原さん!?居酒屋の常連同士から、いつの間にか掛け替えのない存在に…ハイテンション、猛スピード、コメディと見せかけてじつはずっしりホロリとくる複雑な味わいが贅沢なエロテッィク・ラブストーリー。 Akiyama is an alpha raised by alphas went to school with alphas, essentially surrounded by alphas until he got a job at a company where he's suddenly the only alpha in the place Not so cool beans because people tend to take advantage of his HOLY ALPHA POWERS and shove all the work to him, knowing he'll get it done Despite working so hard, he doesn't get the credit for it because alphas are SUPPOSED to be the best in everything Oh you did great? Duh man, you're an alpha.Kasahara is an omega who is basically a careless, scattered brain who wants to live his life to the fullest by doing whatever the fuck he wants whenever he wants it though he has a motive for why he does some of the questionable things he does He's amiable and goofy and just so happened to meet Akiyama at a bar after work and the two hit it off soon after Kasahara has a past similar to typical omegas, and his mother is very overprotective over him He tries his darnest to show her that he's OKAY but no matter what he does, he's not being seen as HIMSELF but as an OMEGA Both men like each other and you wouldn't think it'd be much of a problem like hallelujah make babies but there's some internal hurdles (mostly in the part of Kasahara) along the way setting them back from progress.Overall, I really enjoyed reading this Wacky, hilarious moments, Akiyama is such a pure alpha, (Kasahara's turned on facial expressions can be kinda creepy though?), interesting art, and I teared up in the end with the mother ABO stories punching me in the kokoroz when I least expect it Thanks.Omaru will be creating another abo story in TOP's season 5 anthology coming out end of this month so I'm excited for that Going to work my way to catch up with the prior releases so until the next time ~ So seriously not a fan of omegaverse stories Over time, theof them I read, theI despise this alternate reality These stories are often super rapey and with the fact that males can become pregnant there's very little separating an omega male rape and a female rape Normally I don't cringe at male rape but enter the omegaverse and suddenly it bothers me Seriously, if I wanted to read an m/f romance, I would Ugh, sorry, just can't get past the creepiness of Omegaverse. Average but not actually trash Surely better than lots of stuff hanging around out there Even theconfusing passages were cleared by the end and this smells like a conquer.