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I like twisted and compicated heroes and this book had them It s a story about two completeley different people and how they manage to get together despite their very different personalities.I enjoyed the book but I had a few problems with the characters and storyline I won t go into detail but I really think that some of the heroes actions were a bit reckless and the heroine s behavior a bit unrealistic to me at least I think the book deals with many subplots that weren t developed properly especially the BIG twist regarding the heroine s identity, but overall, the writing is good I just had a problem connecting with the characters and that made the book fall a little flat for meBut, the storyline was refreshing I have not read anything like it 3.5 Stars I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. (((READ E-PUB))) ↝ Degrade (Flawed, #1) ☟ Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B014NUJROM.ZekeOne rule, only one rule women need to follow when they re with me.Don t ask for.This rule is in place for a reason, you won t getof what s not there to give.BexleyHe is striking, and he s all man He is also the devil, or so I believe him to be I gave him my heart, not realizing I was doing so He likes to break me down, so I m a shell of the person I once was He s chipping away at me, bit by bit Though I m not as weak as he thinks, and when I can t handle it any, I will come back swinging. The Visual Dictionary of Ships and Sailing #1) ☟ Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B014NUJROM.ZekeOne rule Fact and Artifact: Writing Nonfiction only one rule women need to follow when they re with me.Don t ask for.This rule is in place for a reason The Suicide Exhibition (The Never War you won t getof what s not there to give.BexleyHe is striking The Suicide Exhibition and he s all man He is also the devil Language, Truth, and Logic or so I believe him to be I gave him my heart Uniform Dolls not realizing I was doing so He likes to break me down Short Stories by William Faulkner so I m a shell of the person I once was He s chipping away at me Oliver Cromwell: England's Protector bit by bit Though I m not as weak as he thinks E penguara: Requiem për Linda B. and when I can t handle it any The Disney Princess Cookbook I will come back swinging. Three stars for the degradation, hot sex scenes, and the twist BUT, and here s a huge but I cannot abide personality transplants, especially in my Alpha men, and Zeke beautiful, gruff, caveman talking Zeke does exactly that He goes from dominating, uncaring, wanting to break her, to lovesick puppy view spoiler and this is despite the fact that she betrays him hide spoiler The choppy writing style and lack of transitions between scenes just didn t work for me. This book is a cute Alpha male crazy intense fast read romance book This is the first TL Smith book that I have read The book starts of when Bexley decides to leave New York and heads to sunny Los Angeles While she is in LA she meets bad boy ZEKE He is hot and really bad The relationship is like a bomb about to go off anytime He makes her fall for him then She does the same thing This book is kind of funny just because this author offered everything Zeke who is a bussiness man turns into a club president of the top MC Which kind of made me laugh because I have read many MC book and Prez is a full time job parttime hmmmm Then Bexley is a FBI agentAt that point I was busting the laughsbecause she puts Zeke in jail but then Zeke gets out.hmmmm author did not really go into the spec but How did he get such a great lawyer that made magic like that Then She gets kidnapped and ZEKE rescues herThen Bexley and Zeke live happy ever after.My questions are is she still a FBI agent And why put the whole cervical cancer I cant have kids thing Added a little to much for these 2.This book had a lot going onBut I still loved that nasty chemistry This is not for everyone This book had so many senariosI am surprise that these 2 ended up together either way loved it 4 love love love love Oh this book is good, it s good for many reasons One thing I did find hard with Degrade is exactly what categories to put it in, because it touches on a hell of a lot, it has darkish elements along with romance, it has hints of trafficking along with kidnapping It packs a lot in indeed, it s flippin great The writing and style, I can pretty much guarantee T.L will deliver me a cracking good read in her style and yep she s done it again.The story, T.L took it to places I wasn t quite expecting, that s always a plus.The characters Oh man, let s start with Zeke Bloody infuriating, dominating, uncaring, unfeeling asshole and I LOVED him God this man is all kinds if fucked up and he s brilliant He s your worst nightmare but brilliant book boyfriend material He s so bad, he s sooooo good Bexley, oh yes she should have run for the hill at the start, but hang on, oh no she shouldn t Bexley has hidden talent and wow, when it s unleashed watch out This girl had me screaming at her, awwing for her and pretty much phoarring for her too Secondary character, Hot damn they were good Aria oooh I loved her yet I didn t love her job She s going to wind me up immensely in her book I can see it coming I want to love her but she s terrible what she does Dunker oh man BANG Mika now there s a man I want to know about, hopefully will in Aria s story The secondary characters including Bexley s dad are all great and play their parts very well.I really was hooked from the get go with Degrade, I loved it and I wouldn t hesitate in telling you to read it if you like you men messing with your head, having you scream at your kindle and then swoon over them too Yeah I can see some reviewers arguing over Bexley and her choices, but no way they shouldn t because without her choices there would be no story, end of, so I hope they give her a break I received Degrade in return for an honest review my reviews are my own and 100% honest. DegradeT.L Smith5 stars Dang Another great read by the lady who gave us The Take Over Series love them and absolutely love this There is a shock value in this release that you brain will explode right there the second you read it YUP no lie So short version because no spoilers Zeke is hot but dang he is brutal He takes women and enjoys breaking them down their will, their spirit, their heart until there is nothing He likes the game Zeke is a very dangerous man running a dangerous game He is untouchable Zeke harsh My entire mind was warped by this character as I wasn t ever mad at him I was memorized by his actions and what he did sick Yup I know don t judge Bexley cannot love Tragger She has to tell him When she does she bolts Tragger loved her He worshipped her They were childhood friends She was expected to be with him So why did she not want him and why did she allow this cruel man break her into a shell of who she was How could she love a man like Zeke when there was nothing to be returned OH MY LORD That s all I can say There are several characters One in particular that I loved the woman entrapped my brain Aria I have read so many books on what her character is involved in but on the flip side I think I seriously need therapy because I love her character and what she does and is Degrade is a stand alone Its finished when you flip the last page but your brain will not be intact I have warned you So now go grab it up This is excellent What I can tell you is her story is next Twisted Perception Uh huh LOVE these titles Review to post on Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets on release day I was gifted an ARC for an honest review Thank you Trust me I wish I could write but we don t do spoilers in our reviews YOU NEED THIS BOOK That s all you need to know. Holy sh t this book was an amazing read From page one I was hooked and had to keep on reading right to the end TL Smith has really produced a read that is filled with twists and hot scenes.Zeke is a powerful man, but he also has a cold and twisted heart He is one of those men that always gets what he wants and once he has had his fill he will dump them and move on Thing is you can t help but love him in a sick and twisted way.Bexley is leaving a life that she has grown accustomed to In a relationship with Tragger, she feels there is no spark, and it is just easy, boring He worships the ground she walks on, but she needs.Zeke sees Bexley and he wants her, little does he know he will break of his rules for her He is still cold, and wants to break her.Bexley hates that she loves Zeke and wants him to thaw his cold and twisted heart.Bexley has secrets, ones that ultimately hurt Zeke in a way he never thought possible.This read has it all, and I loved every minute of it I cannot wait for the next book in the series Free copy received via Obsessed by Books