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[Read Ebook] È American Gods ⚝ Days before his release from prison, Shadow s wife, Laura, dies in a mysterious car crash Numbly, he makes his way back home On the plane, he encounters the enigmatic Mr Wednesday, who claims to be a refugee from a distant war, a former god and the king of America.Together they embark on a profoundly strange journey across the heart of the USA, whilst all around them a storm of preternatural and epic proportions threatens to break.Scary, gripping and deeply unsettling, American Gods takes a long, hard look into the soul of America You ll be surprised by what and who it finds there This is the author s preferred text, never before published in the UK, and is about 12,000 words longer than the previous UK edition. Nicolas Jouin: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Jansenismus Und Der Zeit VOR Der Franz�sischen Revolution (Classic Reprint) Shadow s wife Perekonomian Indonesia Laura Das Winterlesebuch dies in a mysterious car crash Numbly Nachtschwarz (Elfenblüte, he makes his way back home On the plane The Legend of Banzai Maguire he encounters the enigmatic Mr Wednesday The Legend of Banzai Maguire who claims to be a refugee from a distant war Deadlands a former god and the king of America.Together they embark on a profoundly strange journey across the heart of the USA Blinders whilst all around them a storm of preternatural and epic proportions threatens to break.Scary Blind Hope (a Sequel to Blinders) gripping and deeply unsettling Crashed in Oasis American Gods takes a long BTEC Nationals Sport Student Book 1 + Activebook: For the 2016 specifications (BTEC Nationals Sport 2016) hard look into the soul of America You ll be surprised by what and who it finds there This is the author s preferred text O Mundo Em Que Vivi never before published in the UK Nvq Level 2 Business And Administration and is about 12,000 words longer than the previous UK edition. Do you ever read a book and become completely lost in the words and, ultimately, wonder what is actually happening Well, I do So, I go back and read the bits I may not have picked up or accidently skimmed over This allows me to actually understand the book I tried doing that with this, and I quickly realised that I still had no idea what was going on The plot of this felt completely random, drawn out to the point of ridiculousness and the events, themselves, felt incoherent I have no idea why most of the events actually happened in here, and at this point, I can honestly say that just I don t care any Did I miss something The book begins with the protagonist, Shadow, finishing his prison sentence On the day of release his wife is killed in a car accident What initially appears as mere bad fortune slowly evolves into what can only be considered as something much odder His wife s ghost visits him, and assists him in the random events he then encounters I say random because that s exactly what this book is The events that occurred had no discernible point I kept expecting to see some reasoning behind it all, but just couldn t Perhaps I missed something But the plot of this felt barely connected There was an overall lack of cohesion and plot driver I had very little reason to read this, and as I got further and further into it, I had even less The book seemed to be going in a weird direction of its own that felt completely ungraspable I just don t understand the point of most of it the characters all felt like they belonged in a psyche ward I understand the overall meaning of the book, but the way in which the author presented it was awful The actual events and scenes that took place were bizarre to the point of them having no purpose For me, this book needed much than just an overall juxtaposition of god types it needed to be enjoyable on the surface level as well it needed a proper plot This book almost killed me If a book bores me this much, and confuses me this much, when reading, the overall message of the book cannot save it in my estimation The reading process was dull and plain arduous, I wanted to cry at points because it was that bad Indeed, I had to force myself to complete reading this incredibly packed out, and rambling piece of randomness If someone asked me to give a concise summary of the book, and tell them what happened, I d be unable to complete the task Perhaps it s just me, but this book is so strange I have nothing positive to say about it, in any respect, and absolutely hated reading it I just can t appreciate what Gainman was trying to achieve because he did it such a roundabout way I simply detest this book It was an absolute trudge to finish it This just seemed far too long The message that the author was trying to capture could have been done in half the word count Perhaps, it doesn t help that my copy was the original version, which means its twelve thousand words longer than the normal one For me, this meant that there were entire chapters that were completely pointless Nothing happened in them, and nothing was achieved through them At points, this novel felt like a connected series of events that could barely be considered a plot It will, indeed, be many months before I pick up another book by this author, maybe even years, maybe not ever again I ll never forgive the author for this tripe A very disheartened one star In 2003, I walked away from my childhood religion a high control some would say abusive group with a tiny little worldview and a severe superiority complex This was my reality I believed with all my being that the things depicted above were real, and were just over the event horizon Leaving meant losing almost every friend I had ever made since childhood, it created a rift with my still devout family, and quite possibly saved my life Is it any wonder that fiction alternate realities, fantasy, and mental escape helped me make that decision, helped me move on, and helped deprogram my cult think One fiction supplanted the other, only this time I already knew I was working with stories Some of this fiction I had read many times, not understanding why the stories resonated so strongly within me, just knowing that I was compelled to return to those worlds, over and over Others were stories I read during the time surrounding my breakaway, and shortly thereafter American Gods made me observe and think differently It gave me a new context for the mythologies I had accepted for most of my life It was bigger than the story of Shadow, or the girl Sam, or Czernabog For me, it was about how we allow our Old Gods to define our present worldview, and how we allow our New Gods to steal our awareness Our mythologies set the boundaries of our culture, and paradoxically, as our culture changes, our gods sacrifice their immortality Religions are, by definition, metaphors, after all God is a dream, a hope, a woman, an ironist, a father, a city, a house of many rooms, a watchmaker who left his prize chronometer in the desert, someone who loves you even, perhaps, against all evidence, a celestial being whose only interest is to make sure your football team, army, business, or marriage thrives, prospers, and triumphs over all opposition The part of the story that affected me the most profoundly was the story of Hinzelmann and Lakeside The mixing of good and evil, the blurring of lines, townspeople looking the other way to such a degree that it never occurs to them to see what is happening right under their noses Dead men s bones Deaths of legends It affected me to my core During the time I was reading American Gods, it was this which rocked me I was doing the same thing choosing and keeping and killing my own Gods, my own mythologies It was tremendously painful, made a little easier by having the opportunity to process it within the bounds of somebody else s story The rest of the list DuneChapterhouse DuneFahrenheit 451Animal Farm1984SandmanCrisis of ConscienceUnder the Banner of HeavenSeductive Poison This is a tough review for me to write I m not exactly sure what it is about this book that I don t like I m not sure there even IS something I don t like Since I don t want to just leave you all with the ever popular I m just not that into it , I will try to explain.This book has all the elements of a book I would enjoy The creepiness factor is up there, the writing is brilliant, the main character is a big lug I couldn t help but love Also, I have always been fascinated by mythology, so that s a plus.Shadow is our main character and he just got out of jail after doing his time of three years Right before he is supposed to be released he is let out early, because his wife was killed, in apparently scandalous circumstances The first 50ish pages were about the extent of where the book was interesting to me Shadow meets Wednesday, and then the story turns into a bunch of mini stories and flashbacks, and I didn t enjoy most of them Some were okay, but the majority just felt like annoying disruptions, and I felt myself thinking this is yet another longer book that could benefit from losing about 100 or so pages from the dragging middle Shadow is paid by Wednesday to be an errand boy while he travels America trying to rally his troops in preparation for a war between The old Gods, and the new Gods media and money I guess it s my own fault I couldn t really bring myself to care about this war between the new and old Gods, because the Gods of Media and Money Not my GodsBooks that are hyped up as much as this one leave me in a place where I tend to get disappointed, because it s so hard to live up to those expectations Of course that s not the books fault, but I was just expecting to like this book much than I did I never felt engaged while reading this book, and that s the reason I couldn t rate this above three stars I could appreciate the great writing and originality, however, so I couldn t give it below three stars.Three stars it is folks, but as most of you know this book is loved by almost all, so of course I encourage everyone who is interested in this book already to read it, and form your own opinions This book didn t do it for me, but I am definitely going to try some of Gaiman s other books and see if I have a better experience. Anybody who tells you that the book is about old and new gods, or about a man named Shadow, or about coin tricks, or about having one s head smashed in for losing a game of checkers, is selling you a line, because those are just details, not the story itself.Much like any Neil Gaiman story, the devil is in the details, and you just have to resolve yourself to coming along for the ride or you ll miss it It s not one story, or two, it s many, and it s all completeand you have to just read it, and enjoy it, and accept it Or just don t bother.I might as well sell you a violin as sell this book to you, or pluck a synopsis of it from behind your ear and then deposit it in my hand, only to have it turn into a critical review while your attention is elsewhere But I won t, you ll just have to find the magic yourself.