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Thank you, Ms Jordan, for your compact book referencing many of society s ills With a number of them I agreed with you, some I wondered about It was helpful that you cited references so that I can do follow up research on various ideas.I received this book through a goodreads giveaway Having only read the preview, I m going ahead and entering the Goodreads Giveaway for this book, despite the fact that I strongly suspect that my ideas about morality and its manifestation and, by extension, it s collapse will largely be out of sync with author Savannah Jordan s On top of that, although she writes quite well, she s not an academic, a journalist, or cites any qualifications at all for writing this book, usually a personal prerequisite for me to read a non fiction book However, I m willing to read this one anyway should it come to me free, and especially considering that it s only 134 pages , because frankly, I need an existential palette cleanser to aerate the relentless onslaught of grossness and horror coming out of the Republicans in power today This book was written before Trump was elected, so we had absolutely no idea the utter hell that was about to be unleashed The basic beliefs of Ms Jordan discussed in the preview come off as downright radical for a conservative in this extremist age she believes in both evolution and global warming, thinks it s appropriate and even awesome that women have careers, doesn t believe that blacks were better off as slaves or that the Iraq War was either justified or a good idea, seems to support the separation of church and state, and didn t once insult Muslims However, she s still appears to be a conservative at her core, has a overly simplistic approach to solving complicated problems, and therefore most of the practical ideas I read were pretty terrible I get the impression from others reviews that all of them are She occasionally falls into a ludicrous trope now and again such as, Intellectuals want wide open borders with unrestricted immigration They must really hate America and People who aren t religious have no ethics whatsoever and she has utterly Byzantine, scientifically incorrect, and harmful beliefs about men, women, and their relationship to each other But overall, by today s standards, she seems almost quaintly polite and reasonable.Oh to relive those halcyon days of yore. [Ebook] ⚖ Rescuing Americas Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality ♠ At The Time Of The Founding Of America, Many People, Even Several Of The Founding Fathers, Were Very Doubtful That A Democratic Form Of Government Could Survive Such A Form Had Rarely Existed And In The Few Instances Where It Had, With The Exception Of A Very Limited Number Of Extremely Small Countries, It Had Collapsed Into Anarchy The Ordinary People Of Those Democracies Lost The Ability To Control Themselves, To See Where Their Rights Ended And Their Neighbors Rights Began They Succumbed To The Powerful, Basic Passions Of Wanting Things Their Way With Callous Disregard For The Rights Of Others Invariably This Necessitated The Emergence Of A Dictator To Restore Order The Chaotic The Society, The Brutal The Means Employed By The Dictator To Suppress The AnarchyBut There Was Something Extraordinary About America It Was A Harsh, Untamed Frontier That Required Of Its Inhabitants Cooperation And Hard Work For Survival, But Importantly The Early Settlers Brought With Them A Radical New View Of Human Nature Like So Many Of That Era They Were Driven By The Belief That Humanity Had A Destiny To Lead A Moral Life, But Unlike Most, They Proclaimed That The Ordinary People, Without The Aid Of Ritual Or Relics Or A Prince Or A Priesthood Class, Could Ascertain For Themselves The Path To A Moral Life They Asserted That This Could Be Achieved, Not Only By Their Own Reading And Interpreting Of The Bible, But Also By Leading A Life In Which They Fully Developed Their Abilities And Used Those Abilities To Improve Both The Spiritual And Material Welfare Of Society This Required Individuals To Work Hard, Control Their Passions, And Allocate Time To Helping Others They Were An Educated, Literate, Ethical People In A State Of Personal Self Governance And They Translated This Personal Attribute Into A Society Of Self Governance, Thus Making Democratic America, Against All Odds, A Resounding Success But It Is This Very Success And The World S Emulation Of It That Has Caused Many, Particularly The Intellectuals, In Modern Secular America To View Democracy As The Natural State Of Our Species, A State To Which All Societies Will Eventually, Spontaneously Progress Hence, These People Disparage America As Being Nothing Extraordinary In Human History, Just An Accident In Time That Any Country Given The Right Physical Environment Could Have Accomplished They Spout The Belief That The Desire To Be Free To Control One S Destiny, That Enlightened Self Interest, Is Sufficient To Provoke People To Make The Sacrifices Necessary To Maintain A Democracy Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth It Is Pursuit Of Freedom And Self Interest That Motivates The Tyrant To Exterminate All Those Who Oppose Him It Is Pursuit Of Freedom And Self Interest That Motivates The Criminal To Kill And Steal For Our Democracy To Survive, A Majority Of The Ordinary People Must Feel And Act Upon The Belief That Was Held By The Early Settlers Of America That Is That Humanity Has A Noble Purpose Than Mere Self Gratification They Must Believe That Humankind Has A Moral Destiny To Develop Their Abilities Not Only For The Betterment Of The Individual, But Also, For The Alleviation Of Human Misery Throughout Society They Must Accept That This Requires Not Only Compassion, But Hard Work And Self Discipline Although We Should Recognize That Religion Has Been Important In Promoting These Desirable Qualities, America Is A Secular, Pluralistic Society That Cannot, And Should Not, Return To Being Principally Dependent Upon Religion To Achieve These Ends It Needs To Buttress The Promotion Of These Qualities Through Government Programs That, Not Only Help The Needy, But Hold People Accountable To One Another And Through Civic Organizations That Encourage People To Work Together For The Common Good Lastly, For America S Democracy To Survive, We Must Appreciate How Antithetical Hard Work, Self Discipline, And Compassion Are To The Much Stronger Instincts Of Pursuit Of Power And Pleasure And Because Of This How Extraordinary And Tenuous America S Existence Is In This Book, Practical Policies Promoting These Objectives In Seventeen Areas Of American Life Are Presented I received this as a free book through the Goodreads review program.I had a hard time deciding on 1 star or 2 stars, and ultimately ended on 2 stars, because its not all bad I definitely think its a preaching to the choir style piece of work, where those who believe in these policies will praise it, whilst those who don t won t Its akin to reading Glenn Beck, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, or even Ron Paul works where if you agree with their political ideologies and stances you ll trumpet it but if you don t believe in them, you will likely lamblast it.I won t say they are all bad ideas, but I definitely think there s a lot wrong with her ideas And as she tries to say near the end that we could be moving closer towards a 1984 Orwellian future her book if followed to the letter would lead us there even quicker Firstly, I think her views on evolution and males and females is horribly misleading and incorrect She also uses cherry picked citations that overlook things and points to some flaws For instance she talks at length about the differences in structure of male and female brains despite in just this past November December could be January, I d have to look up the sources numerous neurological, scientific, and regular AP news outlets CNN, WP, USAT , have posted several studies with in depth results showing how there is no differences structurally between male female brains and thus going a long way towards showing how there is transgenderism, homosexuality, etc Her psychology of how males evolve and how we still operates paints us in the prototypical feministic man ape creature stereotype All with her giving a chapter to feminisim and how we need to remove stereotypes from women She goes into discussions on sterilization, mandatory birth control, mandatory meetings programs tests to allow people to have children She describes how we should create mandatory community service post high school during college or just for two years after High school Programs enabling the elderly should be bumped to 75 and people should be working to 70minimum.Like I said there is plenty wrong with her ideas and policies The book itself is given its publisher style rather unflattering in the sense that it reads like an internet messageboard Paragraph two returns space paragraph two returns space paragraph All in all, if you follow her ideas and policies, you will tout this book and love it, if you don t you won t I wouldn t say its a great think piece because most of these ideas congressional term limits, sterilization for unfit mothers fathers, racial relations and how blacks need to be better parents, etc can all be found on most online forums pages etc especially on most Republican sites There is a Christian backing to her work, but she does outright say that basically the Bible is wrong on numerous accounts, and therefore, reads like a modern Christian the Bible is a metaphor style accounting of Christian backing A post modernism Republican take on how to fix America if you re into that, you ll probably love this. This book is right on so many levels This county is and has lost its morality and it does need rescuing More Americans should care about what is happening to this country s morals and try to fix it for our children s and grandchildren s future and this book highlights that May God forgive the USA Many should read this book and wake up before it is to late Very informative and good read. So sorryI was desperately looking forward to reading this but then was sorry that I won it from Goodreads It s so dogmatic, rigid, and makes invalid assumptions and generalizations for the statements that she makes For example she speaks of evolution, species survival, intense pleasure of the vitor, sexually dominant males, DNA, animal practices, superior males, the practices essential for democracy, etc etc etc in just the introduction Her only references, no scientific basis for her words, are De Tocqueville and Kant The words MUST and Should recur and reoccur Using a reference which referred to a quotation from another source was disturbing one example is on p 16 Ms Jordan according to the book has an M.S in Organic Chemistry..but there seems to be a real lack of scientific validation justification of solutions presented in this book. Meh Sounds like everything I ve heard, or read, over the past year and then some of the presidential campaign. In her book Rescuing America s Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality Savannah Jordan offers suggestions for changes in various categories, such as Immigration Reform, Abortion, Gun Control, Race Relations and the like The reader will find both agreement and disagreement with her ideas. Pure trash Would have thought this was written by Donald Trump. The chapters are essentially a series of short essays on social topics that for the most part endorse the beliefs of the left gun control, higher tax rates for those who earn , and no term limits for Congress although the author does weakly support a couple of conservative stances such as a border barrier and universal military service The writings are articulate and easy to read This was a free review copy obtained through Goodreads.com.