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I started this book not knowing what to expect except erotica What I got was a unique, awesomely fresh take on this genre Ms B, injected her stories with a contemporary, hip vibe and even unusual she did it with just the right amount of an infrequent visitor to erotic stories humor One thing I wished for while reading was continuity to know for example whether the woman I was reading about was Hotness C Lynette created an explosive introduction to many stories to come I found myself wishing they would continue Who would win another round Totally could see the scenes from the narrator s perspective Sexy, relatable characters I enjoyed them and will look forward to many #Download Pdf ⛑ Ebony Articles ß Ebony Articles Is A Sizzling And Tantalizing Collection Of Short Stories Based On The Adventures Or Misadventures Of Various Women Their Sexual Encounters Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat While Exciting Each Of Your Senses Told From First Person Point Of View The Stories Keep The Reader Engaged, Placing The Reader S Mind In The Situation From A First Person Point Of View There Are Scenes Of Bisexualism, Group Sex And Hardcore Sci-Fi Chronicles Placing The Reader S Mind In The Situation From A First Person Point Of View There Are Scenes Of Bisexualism Putin vs Putin Group Sex And Hardcore Ebony Articles V1 is a collection of erotic stories that will leave you wanting I love the way the author gave you just enough to keep you wanting but then actually giving you of some of them to sa Well hot dang.They were beating the block down Very interesting scenes Thanks so much for introducing me to these chronicles Looking forward to reading. Great ReadThoroughly descriptive and equally entertaining She made it easy to get to know each character which is sometimes w great feat in short story format Definitely looking forward to the future works of the writer. Great Hot readLooking forward to a full length novel Great shorts with heat 1st time reader of this author Can t wait for Be prepared for these ebony chronicles right here What I admired about this collection of erotic tales is that they were not blatantly raunchy but rather each one was a well put together tale of steamy sexual encounters Each tale will have you fanning in delight yet leave you savoring for I must say my favorite chronicled t I received an ARC of Ebony Articles by C Lynette in exchange for an honest review Ebony Articles consists of a series of steamy sexy short stories I would rate this novel at a 3.5 stars because although the stories were steamy at times, the language that was used was almost comical at times The lang Sexy ScenesWhat an interesting book this was It wasn t really stories but like scenes from the the part of your mind you wouldn t want to share with your mother I enjoyed most of the scenes and really liked when certain ones were continued for