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Good, solid and realistic love story EVEN FOR GUYS Not the usual sweet, predictable plot with shallow dialogues but a fun, fastmoving story with twists (good and bad ones) like in reality There is a good balance between male and female POV and it’s not told from the first person perspective, which is a big plus for me The way the characters talk to each other is like listening to myself, my girlfriend or friends.I'm ready foranytime! @DOWNLOAD EPUB ß Torn (Can You Mend It? #2) Ø Life goes on for Joe, D, Sarah and Jack… Startinghours after Joe's slamming D's car door shut, Partcontinues telling their story And there is still a lot to tell: What happens to D’s promise to accompany Pete to a party? How does her trip to London turn out? Or does she even go? And what about her job application?How is Joe going to proceed after what she told him? And why shouldn’t Sarah hang out with Jack some – given her brother’s not exactly sunny mood lately? Circle of Friends D Reconcilable Differences Sarah and Jack… Startinghours after Joe's slamming D's car door shut Clockwork Doomsday (Rogue Angel, Partcontinues telling their story And there is still a lot to tell: What happens to D’s promise to accompany Pete to a party? How does her trip to London turn out? Or does she even go? And what about her job application?How is Joe going to proceed after what she told him? And why shouldn’t Sarah hang out with Jack some – given her brother’s not exactly sunny mood lately? No no no no no (SPOILERish rant)(view spoiler)[The writer lost me when she kept Danielle as a woman who revolves around Joe No personality, whatsoever, as if she were an extension that only exists and subsists thanks to Joe: Ready to give up everything when her cheating ex reappears and flexes his little finger into her direction.Danielle was worried because Joe maybe no longer wanted to see her any, after she acted as any reasonably healthy person would, and told him she wanted to think things over, because he was someone very different from the man she remembered from the past, and she believed it needed to take time to assimilated the idea that he was embroiled in a toxic relationship with a mentally unstable exgirlfriend.Good You Go, Girl!!But after this, she starts to crushed and torture herself thinking she shouldn't have say those things to him, because it was stupid and perhaps destroyed the chance that he MAY wants to be with her And languishes and suffers because he does not return her numerous phone calls Yep, the guy decides to ignore all her calls, because, indeed, he decides to drop her like a hot potatoe, because (gasp!) maybe she was planning to accept a job promotion in London (Gosh, how dare she better herself! **Sarcasm**) and also because he was offended after she asked him to back off (yeah, he is a cheater but now the offended part to).Seriously, after he cheated on her and left her for another woman, a minimum expectation is that Danielle will begin to prioritize her needs and personal development before returning to settle for the crumbs of attention that Joe throws into her direction As if Danielle did not have every right to be angry and resentful toward him and needed certain distance to understand the whole new situation How can be forgiveness, when there is not even a minimum of recognition from Joe's part about the emotional damage he inflicted to Danny? How can exist a real chance of a healthy relationship between them, when they can not even have an elementary level of trust and understanding, as it seems both are only tip toeing around? 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Great book! Really held my attention I could´t put it down!Can´t wait t read part 3 FRENCH EDITION:J'avais vraiment adoré la première partie de l'histoire, mais quand j'ai appris qu'il allait y avoir une deuxième et même une troisième partie, j'étais vraiment super excitée! Le style d'écriture de Billy WoodSmith est toujours aussi génial, à mon goût Et l'histoire entre D et Joe prend un tournant inattendu Je pensais vraiment que c'était la réticence de D qui ferait tout capoter Mais j'i vraiment été surprise par son personnage, je ne pensais absolument pas qu'elle essayerait d'appeler Joe encore et encore et encore J'étais déjà surprise qu'elle l'appelle une fois Mais au final, c'est Joe qui fait traîner les choses entre eux; les rôles s'inversent dans cette partie de leur histoire Par contre, il est toujours le même: il finit dans les bras d'une autre quand ça ne va pas à avec D (Christine, la serveuse, et bien sûr, Liz!)Au fil des pages, j'essayais de trouver le mot parfait pour décrire la relation entre D et Joe Et je l'ai trouvé Irrésistible Irrésistible pas dans le sens où on l'utilise le plus souvent de nos jours, mais vraiment dans le sens du bon vieux français Irrésistible: auquel on ne peut pas résister Et c'est vraiment ce qui se passe entre Joe et D On peut le voir dans chacun des personnages, que ce soit dans la première partie du livre, ou bien dans la seconde Malgré le fait que D ne veuille pas rester chez Joe, et que Joe ne veut pas voir D, ils finissent par manger une pizza et *SPOLIER* coucher ensemble Et tout ça parce que les mots sont sortis de la bouche de Joe avant qu'il n'ait pu y penser Et ça, je dirais qu'on pourrait appeler ça le destin Je suis contente par contre, que l'histoire ne soit pas seulement centrée sur D et Joe, mais aussi sur Sarah et Jack Je pense que cette relation a un énorme potentiel Le seul risque, c'est qu'il y ait trop de similitudes entre les relations DJoe et SarahJack.En attendant, j'ai vraiment envie de savoir ce qui va se passer, si D va aller à Londres, ce que va faire Joe, ce qui va advenir de leur relation, et comment va évoluer la relation entre Sarah et Jack Beaucoup de points de suspension, qui auront leurs réponses dans la troisième et dernière partie, j'imagine.NOTE: UNE ALCHIMIE IRRESISTIBLEDisclosure: Je remercie Billy WoodSmith de m'avoir envoyé son livre et m'avoir permis de le lire gratuitement.ENGLISH EDITION:I really loved the first part of the story, but when I learned there was going to be a second and a third part, I was really excited!Billy WoodSmith's writting style is as awesome as in the first part, according to me And the story between D and Joe has taken an unexpected twist I really believed it was D's reluctance that will blow up the relationship But I was really suprised by her character ; I never though for one second she was going to call Joe again, and again, and again I was already suprised she tried to call him once But in the end, it's Joe who is trying to slow things down; the roles are reversed in this part of the story But, deep down, he is still the same: he ends up in the arms of another woman when things aren't all pretty with D (Christine, the waitress, and of course, Liz!)Through the pages, I was trying to find the perfet word to describe the relationship between D and Joe And I finally found it Irresistible Irresistible, not in the meaning of nowdays, but really in the meaning of the old, good french Irresistible: impossible to resist to And that's really what is happening between Joe and D We can see that in both of the characters, whever it is in the first part, or the second part of their story Despite the fact that D doesn't want to stay at Joe's, and that Joe doesn't want to see D, they end up eating pizza and *SPOILER* having sex And all of that just because the words flowed out of Joe's mouth before he could even think about it And, that, my friends, I think it can be called destiny.I'm also glad that the story doesn't only focuse on D and Joe, but also on Sarah and Jack I think this relationship has a huge potential The only risk is that there will be too many lookalike between DJoe's and SarahJack's relationships.Anyway, I really want to know what is going to happened, if D is going to go to London, what Joe is going to do, what is going to occur of their relationship, and how is going to evolve Sarah and Jack's one Many dot dot dot, that will have, I guess, their answers in the third and final part.RATING: AN IRRESISTIBLE ALCHEMYDisclosure: I thank Billy WoodSmith for sending me his book, and giving me the opportunity to read it for free. Perfect sequel! It made me chew my nails and gave me goosebumps I love Joe and that he’s not a vampire, billionaire, Rock star or whatever the heroes of most romance books are nowadays.It’s great how the story shifts perspectives and locations when Joe and D are not one place I loved the scene where Joe remembers how they first got together It gave me a better idea of how things developed My favorite parts were (I’ll be careful not to spoil things) Joe and D having pizza on his bed, Sarah and Jack having the PJ/BJ exchange and Sarah and Joe talking about Jack fixing something in the bathroom That was to die for If you want a love story that feels real, I strongly recommend this series! I loved this book! Probably liked it eventhan the first one Not only because of the much happier ending I will not go into detail regarding the story but I want to say this: Just like in the first book, Joe and D have some amazing chemistry going on between them, and we find outabout how Sarah feels about Jack and where that leads There are some interesting flashbacks to the time when Joe and D first met and to the time in London when D got together with Pete Also some things about Sarah and her exboyfriend.Throughout the book there is countless amazing dialogues, unique cuddle scenes and nice welldescribed locations (London, cabin at the lake…), and it’s all written in a way that never gets cheesy, keeps you on your toes and feels like it could happen anytime in real life Really looking forward to another part of this!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Didn't disappointWow this is great Omg the chemistry between Joe and D is amazing The love they have is genuine and my heart skips a beat Now to see Jack and Sara might developer something is to sweet And Pete is just Pete, just didn't like him All the main characters made this book wonderful As before I'd give thisthan five stars I jumped into this book not remembering all that happened in the first book It all came back, now that's a great book I really don't like spoilers so no details here,sorry Can't wait for the next book.