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A Summer Affair was a good enough read but not one of my favorites by this author It was a page turner but not because it was THAT GOOD but because I was apprehensive about where the story was going to go and to find out what was going to be the final outcome I was having a hard time relating to the main character, Claire, a mother of 4 and wife to a husband that seems absolutely wonderful with his only downfall being that he watches a little too much TV rather than talk to her I couldn't find it in me to root for her character I just wanted to shake her and say what are you doing you crazy woman? The affair seemed contrived and unrealistic I found it odd that they were together for almost a year and yet her husband never got suspicious at all I did adore the best friend/sister in law character and felt bad for her in regards to certain aspects of her life The Matthew Max West part of the story was a sweet tribute to her childhood and first love and I did enjoy that aspect of the story also Overall, I wouldn't overly recommend this book The writing was very good, but the story, not so much Many times I finish a book wanting , wishing that there was another book about the same characters so I can see what happens next in their lives, but with A Summer Affair I could care less I just wanted it to end However, it did end very abruptly I expected an epilogue or something since there were several loose ends what happened to Gavin did he blow the whistle on Lock? What about Siobhan and Carter did they work things out? I just wanted a little closure on the characters Elin Hilderbrand has a lot of great novels this just isn’t one of my favorites or one of her best Happy reading my friends and happiest of holidays to you all! Claire and her husband Jason live on Nantucket Island Jason owns a company and Claire is a wellknown glassblower artist They have four children and although not one of the very rich elite, lives pretty comfortably She is a cautious happy, always trying to make sure everyone else is ok Locke Dixon, a wealthy resident is the head of a local charity called Nantucket's Children which is an organization that assists the children of the locals who live on the Island all year When Locke asks Claire to chair the Nantucket Children's major gala the following year, the sole fundraiser which keeps the charity afloat, Claire, against her husband's wishes says yes, and thus begins a summer affair.Claire and Locke quickly start a relationship which begins to tear Claire apart Always a pleaser, Claire also agrees to not only make a glass blown chandelier to auction off at the gala, but to try and get her high school sweetheart turned mega rock star Max West who she has not seen in twenty years to perform a concert at the event.As Claire's marriage suffers, and pressure to make this fundraiser a success, the closer the day comes theClaire's life spirals out of control The day of the gala, which should go without a hitch turns into a disaster, which some people are thrilled about As Claire suddenly realizes the importance of family, love and selfesteem, will it be too late to put the pieces of her life back together? Does she even want to?We learn no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors and although someone may look put together, facades are common and sometimes no one sees the true heartbreak people really endure And heartbreak can come in all formsThe title takes on many meanings throughout this enlightening book. What the hell!? Can’t married people just stay faithful? It may be my book choices lately, but I seem to be reading way too many books where married parents have affairs Not only does it enrage me, but it saddens me too Yes, parenting is hard, and so is staying married, but if you put half as much work into your marriage as you do the affair, you wouldn’t have to have the affair.And that’s what I felt like shouting at the main character, when Claire starts having an affair with the organizer of Nantucket's charity auction Suddenly, Claire is having late night meetings about the auction which instead are clandestine sexcapades Claire's husband Jason is treated with no dignity, even by the author We are all left wondering why Claire is married and stayed married to him, which theoretically is supposed to make the affair okay Her lover, Lock, encourages Claire to create a beautiful museum quality piece of stained glass Claire gave up creating anything after she got dehydrated and delivered her son 6 weeks prematurely Claire subsequently threw herself into mothering her other three children and worrying about her son, whom she thinks is developmentally delayed Her guilt over her accident and her son's slow development means she has not been in her studio for 8 months The contrast between Lock, who encourages her to create, and Jason, who puts a lock on her studio, is a cheap literary trick meant to justify the affair The book slowly builds up to the charity event, with some characters thrown in who don't really enhance the story (Claire's best friend is the caterer, married to Claire's BIL, who has a gambling problem The accountant is embezzling.) And having Claire's high school boyfriend, who is now a superstar musician, be the headliner at the event stretches credibility, especially when he asks Claire to leave her kids and run off with him How did this book get published? I think what made this evenridiculous is that the affair ends so mildly, with NO consequences, and no one finds out Not his wife, not her husband Lock and Claire just kind of agree to end the affair and Claire goes back to her husband, in effect saying, Hmm That was a nice break. Speaking of trainwrecksWhen I first saw the cover of the book, I assumed it was going to be some innocent summer romance, but no This was anything but, and halfway through, I just I just could not read any.The main character, Claire Danner Crispin, was supposed to be a devoted Catholic and yet she is worse than many of the atheists that I know Mainly because, she just slept with some random guy that she in reality barely knew, someone that was not as cool as her husband (who I thought was actually a pretty good person), and didn't even try to control herself Another thing was for a good time in the book it was in one point of view, but then suddenly it changes to another, and then to another, and so on and so forth, creating plot lines and adding things that should never have been added It drove me insane So yeah it bothered me a lot So much that I stopped reading right in the middle of the story This is a story that I would not want to put even on my worst enemies, it just bothers me that much. I can generally enjoy a book regardless of the likability of the characters in fact, unlikable characters often make a bookinteresting But Claire, the main character in this book, was unbelievably annoying She had a guilt complex, no backbone, and very little personality She never let anything go, which means we had to read about her guilt triggers over and over and over As far as other characters went, the book often overly focused on their flaws as well, which meant there was pretty much no one to like on top of which everyone kept making bad decisions The worst part was the way Hilderbrand kept bringing up characters' physical and/or personal grooming flaws I could see she was trying to show there'sto attraction and love than physicality, but she drove it home a little too often We get it He's paunchy and balding and she is unkempt and always wearing yoga pants. In all fairness, I only read the first 50 pages of this book, and I would've never picked this book up if it weren't for it being a Book Club choice That being said, the whole premise of this book disgusts me The title The cover The synopsis on the back The first 50 pages A woman who has everything, but is dissatisfied with her husband (the way the author writes about this poor dude is appalling), decides to have an affair with a billionaire Ack How can this possibly be interesting for over 400 pages? Call me old fashioned, but I don't want to read about someone who so flippantly disregards her marriage No connection with this character whatsoever Guess I'll need to read the summary now so I can discuss this at my face to face bookclub meeting Boo. The subject matter is mostly what earned the 1 star here The main character, Claire, has a beautiful life a husband that loves her (in his own way) and four lovely children So why does she put it all on the line for an affair with an older, wealthy man? Not once during the entire novel did I feel any compassion for her She willingly, and repeatedly, lied to her husband and her friends about her wherabouts so that she could sneak off with this man who was also married Their behavior was despicable I should have stopped earlier on but I thought Hilderbrand was going to use this philandering nonsense to make a point, which I guess she sort of did on the last few pages, but it wasn't clear enough Claire and Lock had this wicked affair for almost a year, then it's over in a matter of seconds as Claire says, I need you to let me go, and they both go back to their respective lives and their spouses never know any different This didn't sit well with me AT ALL Claire's glass chandeliere that she crafted in her hot shop (she's a glass blower) is 'accidentally' smashed at the end of the novel and maybe that's supposed to represent what could have happened to her life had she continued with the affair But I felt Hilderbrand didn't do enough to show the flip side of an affair the turmoil and consequences that people indirectly involved (children, spouses) have to suffer due to the selfish acts of the two people having the affair This novel almost glorifies her behavior when the novel ends and she still hasn't told her husband the truth about her behavior That totally bothered me. This is a book I have been waiting to read since learning of its publication I discovered the author two years ago and read through her previously written books within a few weeks relishing each one The relationship of the wealthy summer residents to the local residents and maintaining the integrity of Nantucket's beauty and history are aspects of the books that are always of interest to me While I like the internal conflicts of her main characters, their gutsiness and longings, the main character here jumps into an affair ten minutes into the book, which just didn't seem necessary within the larger context of the novel I found the running around and the necessary deceits mundane and exhausting; are there new, compelling truths learned from affairs, however brief? A wonderful aspect, however, of this novel is that the main character is an artist, working with glass and designing the most important piece of art in her life These descriptions are vivid and serve as a metaphor for the challenges of the main character. {READ EPUB} â A Summer Affair ⚫ Claire Danner Crispin, mother of four young children and nationally renowned glassblower, bites off than she can chew when she agrees to cochair a huge benefit concert on Nantucket Claire is asked to chair the Nantucket Children Summer Gala, at least in part, because she is the former high school sweetheart of world famous rock star, Max West Max agrees to play the benefit and it looks like smooth sailing for Claire—until she agrees to create a museumquality piece of glass for the auction, preemptorily offers her best friend the catering job, goes nosetonose with her Manhattan socialite cochair, and begins a goodhearted affair with the charity's Executive Director, Lockhart DixonHearts break and emotions stretch to the point of snapping in this indepth look at one woman's attempt to deal with loves past and present, raise a family, run a business, and pull of a charity event unlike any the island of Nantucket has ever seen Claire discovers that doing good and being bad are not mutually exclusive—and that nothing is ever as simple as it seems Paul Graham mother of four young children and nationally renowned glassblower de Interrogationibus Obliquis Apud Ciceronem Observationes Selectae bites off than she can chew when she agrees to cochair a huge benefit concert on Nantucket Claire is asked to chair the Nantucket Children Summer Gala A Trip to the Zoo at least in part Las mejores anécdotas del Barça (Deportes) because she is the former high school sweetheart of world famous rock star To Love Again (Bound Hearts Max West Max agrees to play the benefit and it looks like smooth sailing for Claire—until she agrees to create a museumquality piece of glass for the auction All He Needed preemptorily offers her best friend the catering job A Christmas to Remember goes nosetonose with her Manhattan socialite cochair Step In and begins a goodhearted affair with the charity's Executive Director The Amazing Hairstyles Book Lockhart DixonHearts break and emotions stretch to the point of snapping in this indepth look at one woman's attempt to deal with loves past and present Le destin funeste de Michael Rockefeller raise a family Prinzipien in der Philosophie run a business The Vampire Diaries and pull of a charity event unlike any the island of Nantucket has ever seen Claire discovers that doing good and being bad are not mutually exclusive—and that nothing is ever as simple as it seems Surprisingly, I'm dissapointed I didn't think I ever would be with a Hilderbrand book but I find myself stunned Most likely, a combination of things gives me the opinion of distaste I couldn't really relate with any of the characters in this book and they all made me mad at some point The main character, Claire is a mother of four and is a professional Glass Blower I have no idea what that entails and when the story got into her work I was lost It was interesting though I just wish I knew what half the terms were and how it all worked The major let down that the book revolved around was the affair Claire was having with the Director of the Gala she was cochairing for the year I was so annoyed and angry at this that I just felt disgusted throughout the rest of the book I just couldn't get over that someone with a great life, 4 beautiful kids, a good husband and everything she could ever ask for would have such a pointless affair She wasn't even attracted to him! And only after a few months they are saying I love you's to each other? Please.