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Warning If you re easily offended by cursing, and or aggressivity, then don t FUCKING read this I am literally losing it This book contains one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever read in any book EVER.So here s one excerpt from the book Abby slept with Travis and left his apartment in the morning without saying goodbye This is his reaction, a few hours later Travis is a fucking wreck He won t talk to us, he s trashed the apartment, threw the stereo across the room Shep roommate can t talk any sense into him He took a swing at Shep when he found out we helped you leave Abby It s scaring me Abby, he s gone fucking nuts I heard him call your name, and then he stomped all over the apartment looking for you He barged into Shep s room, demanding to know where you were Then he tried to call you Over, and over and over, she sighed His face was Jesus, Abby I ve never seen him like that He ripped his sheets off the bed, and threw them away, threw his pillows away, shattered his mirror with his fist, kicked his door broke it from the hinges It was the scariest thing I ve ever seen in my life THIS IS NOT OKAY.It s not okay it s not okay it s not okay it s NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR A few lines later, Abby calls him and everything s back to normal NO I M SORRY BUT NO YOU NEED TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM Stalker A person obsessed with another to the point of insanity, I.E following one everywhere, calling constantly, showing signs of irrational, sick and unhealthy behavior, that can sometimes lead to extreme violence It drives me insane to see how stalkerish behavior is considered as hot This book is really, really disturbing, and I don t understand how it could get published I got til chapter 9 and basically I can t take it any The guy, Travis, suffers from very, very, VERY serious problems that should lead him straight into a shrink s office if not prison I m serious Hey you girls, out there, who gave that book 5 stars, saying you want a Travis in your lives, in WHAT language do we have to tell you it s NOT normal behavior And thank God that you haven t met a guy like him because then that would be fucking dramatic Don t you understand how pathetic it is all this characterization into unrealistic, hyper sexualized, robotic male figures These stories are all the fucking same The guy is drop dead gorgeous, he s dangerous, he s sexy, he wants you even if you re plain like hell and what he feels for you goes beyond words Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, Patch Cipriano, Kellan Kyle, Travis Maddox, Damen Auguste or Dimitri Belikov, they re all the same Girls, NO ONE is going to want to watch you sleep, or forbid you to go visit your friends, or try to kill you because they love you so fucking much, because that s not what NORMAL people do If you ever have the misfortune to get involved with someone like that, GO FILE A FUCKING RESTRAINING ORDER already I find it appalling that young girls actually read this thinking this is exactly how they want to be treated like someday We re not pets No fucking one in the world should be allowed to force you into behaving like a child And I m also thinking about boys, they re not exactly the target audience but still reading this must lead to wonder if this kind of behavior is what chicks like It just spreads some sort of sickening message, be aggressive, show your jealousy as well as the fact that she s yours, have no limits be in control, use your strength to make a point, don t let her do what she wants because she doesn t really know what s good for her You know better It s so hard to be a teenager, to try to find who you truly are, fiction that is destined to be read by young people has some kind of role, it should set examples instead of showing dysfunctional and extreme codependent relationships like they re normal, because they re not.Hey YOUNG ADULTS That means you re becoming a damn citizen, that you ll study, get to vote, graduate, get a job and make a living How could you ever want someone to be that intrusive To go as far as breaking your car down so you can t visit a friend yes, Edward fucking Cullen I m talking about you because YOU STARTED ALL THIS Don t you realize it s an offense to your FREEDOM when a guy s literally forbidding you to get out of his house even after you ve asked him to let you go When he s dragging you out of the car because you re making out with someone all this when you re not even involved with him When he s making you feel like shit because you re seeing someone else In fact, I won t even get started on all the stupid reactions of Abby What kind of girl dates a sweet guy and then goes sleeping in another man s bed every night, when she HAS a choice She s just a stupid, lying and masochist tease.Then she encourages Travis to beat the shit out of someone in the middle of the cafeteria Seriously Just because someone whistles at her or something, she says like Teach him some manners , and Travis throws himself on the man Jesus, HONESTLY are you a beast or something The poor guy ends up curled up in fetal position, covered in blood and unable to move WTF How can you stand this No really, how can you read this How can you accept it Where is your sense of civility, or your instinct of protection towards the human kind How come no one in the cafeteria stands up and tries to stop this Easy answer Because everyone is fucking terrified to get hurt Like that s normal It scares the shit out of me to see that some people are able to read such violence and yet remain flippant and oh so casual like it s no big deal It makes me wonder, if they ever witness a real beat up, would they react Would they care Or has modern entertainment succeeded in making all forms of abuse look so cavalier that it doesn t shock anyone any..Travis kept opening the door when Abby was with her date on the porch late at night, or coming in the bathroom when she was taking a shower, refusing to get out, and generally being so nosy it was a shocking wonder how NO ONE told him to fuck off And that bitch didn t even say ANYTHING It s so genuinely dangerous when a guy s emotionally abusing blackmailing you, or yelling at you for not obeying him, or trying to manipulate you It is BUT romantic I don t give a damn whether the guy s a vampire, or an angel, or a fucking rock star, or if it was a bet or not, it s just NOT okay How could violence keep being depicted as something acceptable let alone romantic They re at a party and he hits a boy who TOUCHES her ARM Honestly It s not a game And she keeps forgiving him, every single time.How do you think real abusive relationships start What do you think are the profiles of the men who end up beating up their wives and or showing extreme paranoiac behavior Did you just look at that guy Did you fuck him Are you cheating on me Don t you lie to me, bitch I can see it in your eyes This is how it ends, people You just wait a couple of years, Abby Just wait until he loses it, AGAIN, and ends up taking a fucking swing at you.Again, awfully stupid and arrogant Abby stays at Travis s apartment and she sleeps in his bed because she doesn t really have a choice Fine But the guy s bringing chicks in the living room, having a big loud threesome And one day later, he takes Abby s hand, acts all warm and fuzzy, saying stuff like You re better than this I m not fucking you like I fuck the rest of em , that s why I treat you different, don t you ever get near boys or I swear I ll destroy them He even says I ll end up in prison if I hear you slept with someone else When you read something like that your fucking alarm must spark off I don t know what to say any because honestly I feel like I shouldn t even have to say all this in the first place This should be like, SURVIVAL INSTINCT What is this message that s conveyed Should we girls be standing on the corner, watching our love interest that pretendedly loves us fuck his brains out with the whole planet and calmly stating I can deal with his behavior because, well, he s really hot Or because he s so romantic that he managed to nickname her after the most stupid volatile on earth, a.k.a Pidgeon NO FUCK NO Why would you want to lock yourself up in some scary relationship where in the end, you just lose everything your independence, as well as your right to have a life that doesn t exclusively revolves around him Why would you want to give up your liberty as an individual in order to be so tied up with your love interest that you can t even breathe on your own And for those who pretendedly realized that it wasn t healthy, but yet managed to like the book anyway why would you want to witness such a relationship What s the pleasure in contemplating two people who never, ever realize how deep they ve fallen into violence and abuse EDIT I don t care whether Travis supposedly changes at the end of the book I don t care for his pseudo redemption and or efforts What matters are the facts, here and now, that Abby acknowledges them while they re horrible and still manages to stay with Travis I couldn t finish the fucking book because I was feeling sick to my stomach and I insist on saying the characterization of the love story was goddamn awful and should never be seen as something okay So do you honestly think I care when you say I should have finished it before writing all this Give me a fucking break I have witnessed abusive relationships in real life this book depicts the beginning of one, and the memories alone are enough to make me wanna puke I sure as hell won t force myself to undergo the whole 400 pages Besides, I read on some reviews that spoilers At some point he won t let her get out of the apartment because he thinks her clothes aren t appropriate enough Therefore he forces her to change Okay May I send you back to the This is not okay behavior part of the review They get married at Las Vegas at 19 That after him getting an Abby tattoo, she gets one too that reads Mrs Maddox I d like to talk about this for a second I m a firm believer that you can love someone in an unconditional way without having to show it with material proofs Marriage and tattoos What is this Travis unexpectedly got an Abby tattoo, without warning her, without considering the consequences of such an act but I guess I m asking too much from him, considering he s got tribal tattoos all over his body Anyway, Travis emotionally challenged her, and so she got one too Again, what is this A leash that she will never, ever be able to free herself from What if their relationship doesn t last What if they get a divorce Basically, until the day she dies, she will look at her skin and remember that at some point in her life, she chose to mark herself not as a person, but as a wife As someone s something And that s just terrible So Breathe In my humble opinion, I think it is better that I just don t finish it Like, ever.I m writing all this because I feel so MAD about this book Women fought and still fight every day so we can be treated as equals and not as objects I m not going to sit still and pretend this book didn t horrify me Because it did It fucking did, big time.Also believe it or not but I m not doing this to tear the author down, I don t really care about her, my review isn t about her but about the book It s nothing personal, I respect her as a human being I just feel very sorry for the messages she conveys through this everything but Beautiful Disaster EDIT 2 Yeah, so About that There seems to be some kind of Reviewers VS Authors movement here on Goodreads but also on , Twitter, etc Since the author of Beautiful Disaster made me be a part of it, I ve decided to join here two links The first one is a blog post, written by author Hannah Moskowvitz Check it out, it s really good Second one, written by Nafiza, on her blog And I have one thing to say you go, girl EDIT 3 One , because McGuire just doesn t know how to let it go EDIT 4 Yes, I know this is way too long already but I wanted to add something For the trolls who ve been telling me for the past fucking year that this is just fiction not only do you come off as stupidly paradoxical for being on Goodreads in the first place, because it s a website for people who feel passionate about books, but you re also wrong When you read a book for entertainment purposes only, you re relaxed and receptive, almost vulnerable, as unconsciously, you assume that what you re reading is okay and right otherwise it wouldn t be published, would it Therefore you don t really pay attention to the real meaning behind what you re reading After all, It s just a book , right Wrong Sometimes you have to wake up, and realize that what you re reading is in reality a dangerous stinking piece of shit Yes, it s a book, but young girls read this and unconsciously absorb the messages that are being sent, and then it has an impact on the way they carry out their personal lives, without even realizing that stupid books like this one contributed to giving her a black eye and pushing her down the stairs Because they ve been reading about that hot behavior for so long, they ve been sexualizing it and they ve been associating it with good looks, and of course, with the ultimate perfect happy ending In reality, it doesn t work like that You can t change someone who s damaged and unstable just because you love them, no matter what the books try to tell you Don t waste your time trying And the fact that Travis Maddox is described as being extremely hot is a manipulation that tries to trick you into thinking that if it s beautiful, then it must be good Think about that a weird, ugly guy who follows you around and destroys his apartment because you didn t pick up your phone wouldn t be hot, it d be creepy as fuck And that s what I m asking you now try to think beyond the good looks and the sugarcoating that goes with it that the medias are trying to feed you, and just think by yourself By the way, it also leads to fucking idiotic bitches who tweet about how they wouldn t mind being beaten up by Chris Brown because he s so hot What the fuck There aren t enough words to say how wrong this is What do I care, you say I care because I m a woman and reading this makes me ashamed.Wake the fuck up, girls, and never accept being treated like that You are an individual, you are important and you matter Your decisions will have impacts You deserve so much better than someone like this Travis fucking asshole Let him go die in a fucking hole and go lead your own life like the independent and free person you are And please, destroy the person who will so much as try to tell you otherwise Finally, last but not least Due to some comments, it feels like it s time to clarify some stuff If this review pissed you off, or offended you, you should know that I don t give a shit about, well, what you think If this is about my swearing, or my aggressivity, you were warned from the very first line and I don t have anything to say to you about it You knew it was a 1 star rating so basically, no one forced you to read but yourself Get over it and move on Simple as.And I know I mentioned the 5 stars ratings girls and all, but really it was just semantics, don t feel like you should comment my review to express your disagreement or your undying love for Travis, cause whatever you say, it won t change the way I feel I mean it, don t comment Because I don t give a fuck about what you have to say Unless it is interesting, of course But if you re here to defend the psychopath and try to explain how in the end the relationship comes full circle, or why his unacceptable behavior is only masculine and protective, please SAVE YOUR TIME And mine Obviously, we won t get along and if you can t understand what I m trying to say then it s fine, keep loving Eclipse and Blood Promise and Hush Hush, I mean, it s cool Honestly, I m serious, tastes and perceptions and ideals are all different and I don t have a say in this, and neither do you So, well, you can just save your time with the comments And fuck off already Thank you. I read this book on an 8 hour flight from London to Toronto This book and I spent 8 hours together, in coach seating, with nothing to do but surrender to the impossibility of escape There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, and this book caught me It caught me like Slenderman in a dark forest I will proceed to chronicle my transition from literature enthusiast to broken shell of a woman below.Beautiful Disaster A hallmark of passive aggressive literature that is secretly at home in the apocalyptic genreTake off My spirits are high The first page is fine Laughing at the ridiculous character names, but reminding self that neither America or Shepley is as bad as Eureka Boudreaux.Hour one Surprised by route taken by book There appears not to be instalove, which really shouldn t be surprising, given the nature of the absolutely nauseating love interest Love triangle is dire, like watching three stray dogs attempt to hump each other at the park And why is Travis even in this fraternity, since he s constantly beating up his frat brothers No one called the cops on his ass Also, aggressive misogyny abounds every woman except Abby who shows interest in Travis is a bimbo or a slut Of course, Travis engaging in promiscuous behaviour is fine because he s troubled And a man Hour two I m waning Abby and Travis revolve around each other like the doors at MS, meanwhile the entire college zeroes in on them as if they re the only thing keeping the moon in orbit A really popular creep is in love with me, Abby says, in front of her adoring audience But we re just friends Whatever I don t let it go to my head Hour three Cabin fever sets in The book and I stare each other down, with the seatbelt sign looming over our heads as a hellish omen sent to warn us of the impending five hours of the journey, in which we will remain locked in a turbulence fuelled death grip at 40,000 feet Determined not to succumb, I throw the book under the seat and watch Oz, The Great and Powerful Dreadful movie I m losing the will to live Book finds its way back into my hands I open it and go hard at it, determined to finish it in the next three hours I read another hundred or so pages filled with nothing but belly button fluff, and then the proverbial towel is thrown in again Bonus points for Travis trashing the apartment like a fucking gorilla in heat after Abby leaves in the morning without saying goodbye Bonus bonus points for having Abby apologize for his deplorable behaviour Hour four Abby and Travis break up because Travis wants to join the mob I am losing touch with reality Hour five Hilarity ensues when one realises that Abby and Travis have broken up but Travis is stuck with Pigeon tattooed on his wrist Hour six The plane has entered Canada and the end of the longest flight in history appears to be in sight However, the ordeal continues I have seen the face of evil.Hour seven Subplots appear and disappear like planes over the Bermuda Triangle My resolve is waning There are tears in my eyes Hour eight Travis and Abby are married in Vegas at nineteen years old which I suppose is meant to be a happy ending But there is only cheese, cheese everywhere I am drowning in it, but when the pilot announces that landing will commence in fifteen minutes, I see a light at the end of the tunnel My limp, defeated, nearly gangrenous body begins to come alive It is almost over.Landing A tsunami of relief washes over me I arrive home, go to bed, and do not awaken for eleven hours.In conclusion this book is not beautiful This book is just a disaster FIN I m not sure what to write about this book The reviews for the book were SOOO incredibly misleading I thought Travis was going to hit her, or come close, the way everyone was going on about the abuse in the book I get it, it was intense But having seen real abuse with my own eyes, in real life..I didnt understand what everyone else saw that made it be worse and stand apart from all other books.This is a book about an alpha male Just because it s not a paranormal book and instead, a contemporary, it s not ok for him to act like that I m a pretty very conservative person and I ve read paranormal books where the guys act worse than that.Abby was the one who got on my nerves the most throughout the book for jerking Travis around all the time It s a book, and only a book, and I enjoyed it I think I ll stop reading reviews before I read a book Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don t want to deterred from a book again I want to make my own decision And in my opinion, I LOVED Travis Great book, Jamie Life is not roses all the time and everybody can change. WowTravis, Travis, Travis I liked him, I hated him, I liked him againI worried about his sanitythen I loved him And, oddly enough, I had a lot of the same feelings about Abby So many times I wanted to scream at her, then him, then her again Great, complex characters I loved this Wonderful story, wonderful world, wonderful author Nope Can t do it It s just too horrible I ve reached my max saturation point of stupidity. Shake in your boots,boys,and drop your panties,ladies I give you Travis Mad Dog Maddox He made his entrance,shirtless,relaxed and unaffected.The lean muscles stretched under his tattooed skin Okay ladies,here we go.1,2,3 and.S.W.O.O.N He oozed sex and rebelliousness with his buzzed,brown hair and tattooed forearms Uh oh boy Here go my ovaries UmmmQUESTION Can I get pregnant from this Anyway Okay,now the storyline Abby Abernathy has a secret.She has a past.A dark past.And to escape it all,she makes a new beginning at Eastern University,with her best friend America I could finally walk somewhere without the whispers of those who knew or thought they knew anything about my past.I was as indistinguishable as any other wide eyed,over achieveing freshman on their way to class no staring,no rumors,no pity or judgement.Only the illusion of what I wanted them to see Cashmered,no nonsense Abby Abernathy Okay,I ll be truthful and tell you that I have no special love for her.Now,coming back to the story,America has a new boyfriend Shepley.He takes them watch a ring fight.And there Readers,we are first introduced to Travis,room mate and cousin of Shepley.He can t be beaten.He can t be ignored.He never backs down from a challenge.He is a walking one night stand.Ladies.he is UNTAMABLE.Now,I wish I could tell only good things but it won t be fair if I don t tell that he is also..A jerk,temperamental,impulsive,has anger management issues,immature,at times downright stupid,and also has a little stalkerish tendencies Now,Abby s whole life goes topsy turvy when she becomes Travis s Pigeon.Their attraction is instant.But Abby is not ready to become yet another conquest.And Travis is not ready to back down from such a refreshing challenge So what s your story,Pidge Are you a man hater in general,or do you just hate me I think it s just you..I didn t say you re a bad person.I just don t like being a foregone conclusion for the sole reason of having a vagina His eyes widened and he quivered with howling laughter Oh My God You are killing me.That s it.We have to friends.I won t take no for an answer That marks the start of their friendship But are they destined to be just friends or something else,something Readers,they are insane together.They are out of control It s dangerous to need someone that much.You re trying to save him and he s hoping you can.You two are a disaster I smiled at the ceiling It doesn t matter what or why it is.When it s good,Karait s beautiful So together they are BEAUTIFUL DISASTER Now you must be wondering Why 3 stars then Read on for thatbut only if you have read this book WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I ll say once again Please do NOT read this if you have not read this book already Okay,my greatest complaint about this book wasSENSEthe plots one after the other made none after sometime.I was actually loving and enjoying this book when I watched in horror the events unfold.How could Abby not know that Travis was in love with her I don t blame her for trying to keep Travis only as a friend.But HOW could she sleep with him and then LEAVE him And she accepted to go on a date with Parker that very day.And after that You re going out with him tonight Travis seethed I told you he was going to ask me out after I got back to Morgan.He called me yesterday Things have changed a little bit since that conversation,don t you think Why Why WHY Because you slept with him even though you knew you were leaving and he s crazy about you I stood my ground,staring straight into his eyes Since when is sex so life or death to you And Travis Travis is a fucking wreck He won t talk to us, he s trashed theapartment, threw the stereo across the room.Shep can t talk any sense into him He took a swing at Shep when he found out we helped you leave Abby It s scaring me Abby, he s gone fucking nuts I heard him call your name, and then he stomped all over the apartment looking for you He barged into Shep s room, demanding to know where you were Then he tried to call you Over, and over and over, she sighed His face was Jesus, Abby I ve never seen him like that He ripped his sheets off the bed, and threw them away, threw his pillows away, shattered his mirror with his fist, kicked his door broke it from the hinges It was the scariest thing I ve ever seen in my life Seriously Travis,I LOVE YOU,baby but you NEED TO GROW UP Be the Travis who never backs down from a challenge and sayGROW UP CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Now,this was just the beginning.After sometime I felt as if I was watching a ping pong match Abby fucks up.Then Travis fucks up.Then Abby fucks up again.Then Travis never backs down from challenge,remember fucks up again.Oh God When they broke up and were saying good bye during Thanksgivingit was too much.She had already dumped him.And then she realized her mistake,and wanted to get back with him.But when he was letting her go and saying I can t imagine being with anyone else,but I ll be happy as long as we re friends You want to be friends I asked,the words burning in my mouth I want you to be happy.Whatever it takes My insides wrenched at his words,and I was surprised at the overpowering pain I felt.He was giving me an out,and it was exactly when I didn t want it.I could have told him that I had changed my mind and he would take back everything he d just said,but I knew that it wasn t fair to either of us to hold on just when he had let go Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.The only thing I can think of is either she is a MASOCHIST or she loves playing damsel in distress Their last make up was weird too.I m still trying to figure out how that happened AnywayI know that you are still thinking about Why 3 stars Though in a different sense.Well,frankly,I gave it 3 stars because I am biased.And because no matter how much they fucked up,there were several moments when I absolutely adored them.Travis,you are a disaster and immediately need a shrink In the end, I want to say that I can empathize with people who gave it 5 stars,as well as with people who gave it 1 star.That s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta .FREE PDF ⚖ Beautiful Disaster ⚆ The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl She doesn t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe Abby believes she has enough distance from the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University s Walking One Night Stand Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs and wants to avoid He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer Intrigued by Abby s resistance to his appeal, Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month If Abby loses, she must live in Travis s apartment for the same amount of time Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match. The Profiler and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe Abby believes she has enough distance from the darkness of her past Made of Honor but when she arrives at college with her best friend Beast Of Darkness (Knights of White her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University s Walking One Night Stand Travis Maddox Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol / In the Enemys Arms lean On The Move (NASCAR, cut Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way and covered in tattoos The Substitute Groom (Hawks Way is exactly what Abby needs and wants to avoid He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities of a Leader and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer Intrigued by Abby s resistance to his appeal The Temporary Groom (Hawks Way Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet If he loses Having Justins Baby he must remain abstinent for a month If Abby loses Dracul she must live in Travis s apartment for the same amount of time Either way Dress Me in Wildflowers Travis has no idea that he has met his match. 5 stars with a caveat, and by far my most difficult review to write to date.I m honestly baffled by my response to this book because I not only enjoyed the story, but I also gave it high marks In many ways this book is everything I hate in a Young Adult romance, but I still found myself enthralled, giddy, and starry eyed, regardless of how annoyed I became at time In fact, I felt like I was at odds with myself during most of it There was my latent teenage self, all starry eyed and idealistic, who loved everything about this book, warring with my mature and realistic 40 year old self who knows better It became quite exasperating.I found I liked all the characters in this book Not once did I become annoyed with them shocking for a Young Adult story The characters were multi dimensional and authentic I was easily transported into their world of college drama although, frankly, it felt like High School.Right from the start I fell head over heels in love with Travis He s such a lovable jerk He epitomizes the charismatic, lackadaisical, tattooed, sexier than all get out bad boy over whom most young girls swoon He s volatile, tough, flirty, compulsive, charming, aggressive, shameless, intelligent, domineering, proud, and nonchalant He also has a tenderhearted, kind and vulnerable side that makes it impossible not to love him He really is the ultimate fantasy.Our book begins with Abby, our level headed and strong willed heroine, attending an underground college fight club where Travis Mad Dog Maddox is the undefeated champion Unimpressed with his slick and smooth talking manner, she brushes him off, wanting nothing to do with him Only too familiar with his type, she knows he means trouble Travis, intrigued because Abby is immune to his charms, all but stalks her, wanting to win her over Eventually he succeeds What begins as a genuine friendship slowly blooms into an all consuming, passionate, and frankly, obsessive and codependent relationship.I really liked Abby s character I was braced to dislike her as the story progressed, fearing she would become little than a doormat because of the codependent and obsessive relationship she had with Travis However, I was pleasantly surprised at how level headed she remained throughout the book She confronted all of his red flag behaviors in a mature and rational manner, even leaving him for a time The thing that makes this story both intriguing and appalling, is Travis obsession with Abby He is consumed by her She becomes his everything Exhilarating in theory unhealthy in reality His obsession, at times, becomes disturbing and worrisome In the end Travis makes some behavioral changes, albeit surface than substance, hoping to win Abby back He succeeds, and Abby returns to the relationship In doing so, some readers may believe in the misconception that one person can change another While a part of me knows better I still loved so much about this book I am a girl, after all Would I want my 17 year old daughter to read this No Very few teens have either the experience or maturity to distinguish between fantasy and reality But will I read this book again Yes Oh dear, this makes me a hypocrite I read this book right after shameless plug I wrote my first book, Slammed Speaking of Slammed, who do you think would win in a fist fight between Travis Maddox and poetry teacher, Will Cooper Haha HAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Let s look on the bright side Will Cooper would write a really kick ass poem about his hospital stay.